Thursday, December 3, 2009


That's the thing about a fun idea. It snowballs.

The decoupage pumpkins started out that way. First a pumpkin, then a menagerie of other Halloween creatures. A few weeks after Halloween came Robin's Thanksgiving turkeys and a couple more weeks from now, who knows how many paper mache Christmas balls or Santa heads will be attempted.

I feel the same way about our treat balls, turned Shine balls, and now - for the holidays - turned snowballs!

Truth be told, I gave this idea to Heather a few weeks back. Her last name is Snow and I couldn't resist the idea of Heather giving them as stocking stuffers to all her nieces and nephews. Snow balls. Get it? "Snow" balls.

I crack me up.

I used only white and silver trinkets when making this snowball - quarters, chocolate kisses, a charm, tic tacs, fortunes, and a variety of other chatchka.

Want to try your hand at making one, but can't remember or weren't around last time I described the process? Have no fear! Listen up and I'll tell you why.

Tomorrow, thanks to Katie, I am guest blogging on a site called, Craftaholics Anonymous. In light of the holidays I am teaching Linda's reader's how to make our Shine balls. After checking out her craft on our blog tomorrow, hop on over to her site and get a refresher course on how to make a Shine or Snowball.

And, yes there is more. At the center of the Shine balls I'm featuring on Linda's blog tomorrow is a sterling silver charm that says, "Shine." Perfect for a silver chain or a black cord. I'll give one Shine ball away to her readers, but I've saved the other for one of you. Tune in tomorrow to find out how to win it.

Signing off until tomorrow when our group gathers here and then heads over to Craftaholics Anonymous.


Heather @ said...

"Snow" balls, I do love it and will probably try to do this but don't think it will happen this year.

But I really want a SHINE charm...are we gametime eligible???

Robin said...

I am so happy to hear about the guest blog spot!

Peggy said...

I'm sure Heather has heard this a million times, but when I heard her husbands name backwards I couldn't help but think ...yet spelled incorrectly... is Snowbal....

Here's to our self proclaimed 'non' crafty leader!! Just like she isn't a baker, or a writer etc..... it's all how you put the spin on it!!

Cheryl said...

That's Fancy!

Jessie Freeman said...

When I first met Bal (Heather's hubby) I asked him if he ever got teased with his name and he scarcastically said "Nope, never". Love the idea of a snowball! Super cute. I can't wait to see about the SHINE charm. I will be traveling tomorrow, so I hope I have time to check in!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

A Shine charm...that's awesome! I'm excited for the blog swap that will take place tomorrow. I can't wait to interact with the readers from Crafaholics!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

I may just have to make one of these for my 18 yo daughter's stocking. Love the idea.
Now that SHINE Charm would fit me PERFECTLY as 'shine' is my favorite word. So glad to have found you through Craftaholics!