Monday, December 7, 2009

Age Before Beauty

Cheryl, Katie, Heather, and I (the Highlowaha foursome) had an idea. Flex our creative muscles to see if we could have some fun with fashion. It's an area we've never really delved into - unless of course you count the day I wrapped myself in 100 scarves and neckerchiefs. Hardly a fashion statement.

Truth is, Cheryl is the only one of the four of us qualified to make commentary on fashion. Heather swears by her broken in blue jeans, I own more fleece than is right for a woman in her forties (including pajamas), and Katie flips for her flip flops - regardless of season or temperature.

The one thing on which we all agreed is that, everyone needs a simple black dress in her wardrobe.

That's where we started. Each of us with black dress in hand, meeting up at Charming Charlie's, where capable attendants created looks suitable for our days and festive enough for December nights.

Monday through Thursday of this week, we will share the transformation of each of us in our black dresses. First, a day look and then a look for night. Worth mentioning is that none of our accessorizing exceeded $70.00.

I'm going first, because we agreed that age should always precede beauty.
My day look was fun, because I would normally never consider myself a leopard-print-kind-of-gal. The light jacket pictured above is classic in cut and style, but with a touch flair. From there, I was able to venture out into dangly earrings, a gold purse, ballerina shoes, a chunky ring, and a gold chain link belt - all things I would NEVER have selected on my own. Perfect for work or a holiday luncheon.

Check out my shoes! Me in silver glittered pumps! What?! But, here's what I love. The rest of the outfit is square in the center of my comfort zone - black dress, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and a pearl bracelet. The satin bolero jacket isn't something I would have picked out, but I liked it immediately. Same with the clutch. It's not something I would normally spend money on, but it finishes off the outfit nicely.

Tell us a few things. First, do you have a black dress and, if so, could it use an accessory lift? Second, of all things pictured, what's the one thing you think I just must have - or for that matter... would you like to have?

Signing off until tomorrow when you get to lay eyes on Chic Cheryl!


BeeKayRoot said...

No black dresses in my closet! Sorry. Haha.

heather said...

Brian, of course not! But there is certainly the black dress equivalent for men...a simple black or gray suit...styled up with a fun shirt/tie/handkerchief combo!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

True, true Brian! Good to see you nonetheless.

Besides, often times we women try to look extra nice for you men. Weigh in and tell us what you think of the outfits.

Kate said...

You look amazing Claudia! I would love to have those awesome silver glitter heels.

Do they make them in a size 11? I have really big feet, but at 6 feet tall I guess I'd fall over if they were any smaller! In my own wardrobe, I could use a jewelry pick-me-up. Yesterday, I realized I've owned the sweater I had on for 7 years...AND my khakis for 5! I tend to hold on to my clothes for a very long time. Jewelery, however, disappears over time!

I don't really have a "black dress" but I definitely have my "go to" outfits.

Can't wait to see the rest of you ladies this week!

cassie p said...

the only black dress i own is a simply cotton summer dress, which is pretty much unable to be dressed up.

i LOVE the silver heels. i pick those as what you should have. but honestly, i dont think they really went well with the pearls, though i liked the pearls with the black dress.

OK so i decided to pay HLA a visit like old times, because, today, dec 7th, 2009......
signing papers this morning.

so i just wanted everyone who has been rooting for me and supporting me; especially my goal-fishing buddy! THANKS a bunch for all your encouragement. and for the record, i am reaching my goal for 2009- to move out of my parents house! (with no time to spare either!) :-D

Kat said...

Way to go Cassie!
I have a little black dress that I love, but unfortunately it doesn't fit right now. Yikes. I like to pair bold necklaces with it and then keep everything else simple. I love your bolero jacket and pearls!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Congrats, Cassie!

Brian, what about a nice watch to accessorize a suit for you?

Cheryl said...

Well, I don't know how qualified I am but I do love clothes. My all time favorite thing to do is to take a pair of jeans and simple top and add some shoes that ROCK to it. The shoe! I love the shoe. No matter how much you expand or shrink- the shoe always fits!

I wasn't sure about the bolero but when Claudia put it on, I really liked it.

Little black dresses. Well, I think you need a couple in your closet. I think I have 4 hanging in my closet.

Robin said...

Claudia: Dress looks are great! I do not own a black dress. I hate dressing up and avoid it at all costs.

Cassie: Congrats on the house!

Cheryl said...

I was blinded by shoe talk! Cassie!!! Congrats on the house! That is awesome.

heather said...

Robin rest assured I've never owned a little black dress either but knowing we had this around the corner I snagged one for 19.99 at the Nordstrom Rack!

I'm dreading my day and might have to avoid the blog at all cost...

Cristine said...

Claudia, you look great. Definitely keep the shoes - those are great.
yes, I have one or two black dresses. Some fit better than others. I'm wearing one for New Years (now that I can fit back into it)
They way I'm dressing up my dress this year - my Christmas present from Matt - a new mink coat. My big surprise this weekend.
Perfect for the cold winters in Chicago.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Wow... so much going on.

Cassie... congratulations to you! That is great, great news. Ray - if you are out there - take that! At least one of our readers will have reached her goal.

Kat... Great to see you again.

Kate... Six feet tall! I am so jealous.

Cristine... a mink coat?!?! Wow, Matt is upping the ante for men all over the country. You can tell him I said so!

Peggy said...

Oh fun, what a twist of creativeness here today. Brian, with a nice suit can always add a new tie and matching thing a ma jig that goes in the front pocket. Or, wouldn't a shoeshine work wonders on a great pair of Oxfords.

Congrats Cassie.... sorry to say... you looked about 22 when I met you.... are you old enough to own your own house? Congrats, hope the closing went well.

Right now I don't have a little black dress.... mmmm, haven't had a need for one in years. Heather's idea is a good one, find one on sale for that some day event. I love everything Claudia, why not get it all.... all of those things would go great to dress up jeans. If you are like Cheryl, both shoes would be perfect depending on the event, the jacket could be worn with jeans and or Khakis, black pants etc... purses, never can have enough, the jewelry is fun and could go with a t-shirt or anything else. I suggest you go for it ALL!!!

Wow, fur coat Cristine.... good for you. Do you go downtown a lot? Don't look like Aretha Franklin, hee hee (I know you don't, but they made a big ta-do about her latest mink coat).

Every month I accomplish my goal fishing, that's whats good about setting small goals!!

I've always said I'm the right height for my size!!

Go Packers!!!!!!

BeeKayRoot said...

Katie -

I was just telling someone yesterday how I really need to buy myself a nice watch. I don't own one, believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

I am a redhead, sorry no black dresses. Stockings, Stockings, Stockings. They give an elegant look and lengthen and slim and contour the leg.