Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Shameful, I know.

Pola, Matthew, my sister, and I visited New York's infamous cafe, Serendipity, yesterday and I buckled.

I ordered the Forbidden Broadway Sundae. It's forbidden because it's a full blown slice of chocolate Blackout cake, ice cream, hot fudge, and topped with whipped cream!

What did I tell myself with each bite slipping past my lips?

"Next year. Next year I'll get serious and deal with the damage done in 2009."

With 2010 only two days away, what have you thrown your hands up at - promising to be better in the new year?

Lest you think I am only capable of enjoying sweet treats, take a look at a few photos I took inside this fun, wildly creative, space. It strikes me as the PERFECT meeting place for Highlowaha readers. Taste of USA, 2010? Anyone, anyone?

Signing off until tomorrow...


Heather said...

Looks like SO much fun!

Serendipity...that would make the perfect meeting place!

This morning I'm driving to Louisville for our flight home but first I've got plans to meet up with Robin, Laura, and Cassie P for some delicious breakfast at Toast! Yummo...good food and GREAT company!

Chaotic said...

exercise...sigh... I WILL get around to it... or I will just end up being round!

lindsaymarie said...

i've only been to serendipity once but i've got to check it out again! i'm rarely in that part of town. claudia - if you see this before you leave new york, let me know if you'd want to meet up for dinner or coffee or just to say hi! i'm free tonight and tomorrow morning and would love to meet you and pola (teeny tiny hla meetup!)

Cheryl said...

When I went to NY with my sister in 2006 our group went to Serendipity. We shared a brownie and at the moment that I was taking my first bite Dr. Phil's words come to me. "Your fat because you want to be fat. You know if you eat that brownie you're going to be fat." Brownie can be replaced with donut or greasy hamburger or cupcake or you're about to eat. But it's always said with a smile. :)

Little Taste of USA's happening all over the place. Awesome.

As far as eating healthy and exercising- 2009 was probably my best in all of my 40 years. I didn't set out that way on Jan. 1st- it just sort of happened.

What will I deal with in 2010? Hmm... who knows. I can always be cleaner or more organized or more fun or, or, or... :)

Peggy said...

Fun pictures!!

No diet here.... it's a Lifestyle change or a LIVE it!!

Cheryl said...

I hate typos.

Cristine said...

I love Serendipity. I don't know if I can get Matt to go there when we're in NY - we're booking our NY trip (or working on it with the travel coordinator)

I read today on Yahoo that one of mine (and my mom's) favorite places that we always went to in NY is closing tomorrow - Tavern on the Green. It was magical place to visit in Central Park.

Have fun in NY Claudia and remember when you're away from home calories NEVER count. They just disappear.

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

I've been to New York a few times, but have never been to Serendipity! Maybe that will be one of my NY resolutions. I'm committing myself to a trip to NYC before I graduate in May and now I'm committing that I'll make it to Serendipity.

Looks like you all are having a blast in NYC!

cassie p said...

HEY HLA!!! well, since i havent had internet in over two weeks in my new house, ive missed a lot here at HLA. just got caught up on most of it.

BUT i also very disappointingly missed heathers message on facebook to meet at Toast! this morning for breakfast!!! :-( I am very sad about this. Heather, Im very sorry!

OK, so let me know who I need to send the boot ornament to next. I am also sad about this, because it stayed in my ornament box and I never got to use it!! Since I just moved in, and dont have a tree, let alone any other Christmas decorations, I did not decorate my house. I guess I will have to try to get it back next year. :-(

Maybe I shouldnt have come back to HLA because it just made me sad.

Cheryl said...

OMG! Did Cassie P. win the Give 'Em the Boot Award Two Years in a Row!

My travels were smooth sailing.
No one was crazy or out of control. Not even me!

Am I ahead of the blog?

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Hey everyone!

Checking in after the third fun-filled day in New York. Our flight home is tomorrow afternoon. Wake up in New York. Celebrate the New Year in Texas. Life is good.

Cristine, I am so glad to hear calories don't count when you are on vacation. Today was another decadent day of desserts.

BeeKayRoot said...

Oh my... I am craving some Ice cream right now. That photo is such a tease!