Friday, December 11, 2009

Free For All Friday: Friends, Fashion, and Fun

It's that time of the week when you get to settle in and watch our weekly Free For All Friday Video.

Don't miss:
  • Meeting our visitors
  • Winning the unclaimed Shine Ball
  • Casting your votes for the Super Bowl Snack Throw Down AND...
  • The Target Challenge, and
  • Finding out if you won this week's Altoid prize.
And don't miss the conclusion of Highlowaha's Fashion Week, by checking out the clip below.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Peggy said...

Yay me! I'm first, can I remember it all?

Did you introduce your gal pal on the left? I didn't catch her name! Don't know what Cabi Clothes are, must be a Texas Thang!!!

Oh and as if! we can't tell which ornament challenge is KATIES!

You didn't tell us how tall your tree is Claudia, that would help, but I will guess 14 strands at 100 each for 1,400 lights.

Jeff and I always put the tree up with Christmas music and the kids come in and out to help, but then they get bored because it too, takes us about 4-5 hours. We took a class at our local garden center 15 years ago how to string professional looking lights on trees.

No tinsel, but I do have rafia on my tree.

Our topper has changed over the years, this year it's a big bow.

our garland is gold store bought beads.

We like putting up the tree, but this year I haven't done as much decorating with my snowmen.... so the house although warm and cozy in our 4 degree weather, due to me working full time, it's been hard to pull all the bins out and decorate.

Love the fashion ideas.

Happy Day y'all.

Cheryl you are so snarky girl!!

Kat said...

Ok, I will guess that Claudia's tree has 3000 lights. It is beautiful!

We have an artificial pre-lit tree so putting it up is a breeze! I even did it by myself this year. It has colored lights, which I think is fun for our family tree.

We did tinsel as a child, but you can't really do it with a fake tree.

We actually don't have a topper this year. The tree looks a little goofy, but I am determined to get a pretty star at the after Christmas sales.

Cheryl said...

I just lost the longest comment ever and I just don't know if I can re-type it. Deep breaths! Deep breaths! Deep breaths! Oh yeah- Happy thought.

Peggy- gal pal on far left is lurker/behind the scenes friend that hosts the Potato Soup party in January and who hosted the Potato Chip party for Dine by Design this past summer- Misty. She rocks.

Kat- I also put up a pre-lit fake tree but it's not so easy. 1. The sucker is heavy. And 2. Several of the prelit strands are not out and I can't get the - uh, stinkers- to work.

We were cracking up when we were uploading Katie's photo last night. So much for Anonymouse! HA!

Tinsel- no.
White Lights are on the tree but this year I'm going to wrap my outside tree with multicolor lights that I bought post season last year.

Topper - I can't remember what I put up there but I just throw up there.

Garland- We don't put any on the tree.

Okay- Happy Friday Everyone!!

Cheryl said...

typo- the lights are OUT. :insert eye roll:

Cheryl said...

OMG and I cant spell Anonymous!! HA HA HA !

Cheryl said...

I spelled it wrong again!!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

On my parents tree we have always had colored lights, no tinsel, and no topper. We had a topper when I was little, and I think it had been passed down through the family. However, I seem to remember it breaking at some point, and then we never got another topper.

I don't have a tree of my own because I'm not here long enough to really enjoy it (I go to my parents still for the holidays), but when I do, I think I'll use white lights.

Claudia, as always, the tree looks beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Hey! On an older post, Anonymous raised the question of whether or not Ray is going to update the score... Did Ray and I drop the ball? Is the score now 10-6?

Ray and I have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes he gets so busy and consumed with himself he forgets to check in with me.

Sorry Kate and Lauren! You're both doing a great job.

Heather @ said...

Yep the score is now 10-6.

And just give Ray a good swift kick =)

Ray @ Highlowaha said...

Yo, ladies!

I've been training to run in the White Rock Marathon this Sunday in Dallas so it's been a little busy with that and all this Christmas shopping I have to get done.

Cheryl, if you're not too busy maybe we can get together this weekend and knock that thing out.

You ladies sure do make me hungry.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

I know Ray and he ain't training to run a marathon.

Who are you and what have you done with the real Ray Wattson!?!?!

cassie p said...

i guess 2100 lights on the tree!

BeeKayRoot said...

1. Love putting up the tree, but I go fake all the way. A real tree is way too much effort. No tinsel... but I can go either way with lights. I like using white lights and another solid color.

2. My guess on the lights is 1550 lights.

Robin said...

Hey ladies,

I'll go with 1180 lights. :-) Though I'm tempted to bid a dollar!

Thanks for including Chanukah as I was wondering what I'd have to add. LOL Too many traditions, maybe I'll share one per day.

One thig we do that I enjoy is compete for points in the weeks prior to Chanukah. The person with the highest number of points get to draw a number at random and that is their night of Chanukah. (So the person with the most points might wind up drawing #8.) This year we did a Lego building content, a poetry contest and chess tournament. You can see my blog of the entries for the Legos and poems.

I'm not a huge Latke fan, but here is a great source for recipes for latkes:

Happy Chanukah to anyone out there celebrating with me!


Karlie said...

You guys are so much fun! I am still learning how to navigate through everything on your site, but give me time! Thank you for letting me spend another fun filled afternoon / evening with you all sharing CAbi and some fashion tips. I love all the Christmas Tree decorating ideas - wow! Looking forward to seeing you at my house soon for some Mexican Train and margaritas! Karlie