Thursday, December 24, 2009

That's A Wrap

So you think you can wrap? Apparently not.

Cheryl and Katie were my only takers for today's contest which pretty much means I have the floor to myself.

That would be great, but it presupposes that I have already wrapped my gifts. And since Christmas morning is more than my requisite twelve hours away, the assumption is not safe.

Lucky for all of you I do have a gift I'm giving this holiday season whose wrapping is not only done, but is worth talking about. It's for my niece Frankie.

Frankie loves Fancy Nancy. She's got the same curly hair, adorable smile, sassy personality, and above all else, fancy sense of style. I decided long about November, I was going to load Frankie up with all sorts of glitzy and stupendous accessories. If she's going to hang with Fancy Nancy, after all, she has to dress the part.
As cute as the rhinestone tiara, bracelets, compact case, clutch purse, necklace, rings, and other glitzy accessories are, the truth is gifts are only as good as their packaging. In this case, the packaging might exceed the gift itself. Joann's Fabric had Fancy Nancy material on sale, so I scooped up the last yard, gathered some trappings, and zipped over to my friend Judy's house. Judy is magical with a sewing machine, so look what she was able to whip up.
What l love most about this handmade Fancy Nancy Cone, hanging from lavender ribbon, and with a big bow, is that the packaging is functional. She can hang it over her bed post or inside her closet door and use it to store all kinds of chatchka, including things such as ribbons, hair bands, socks, Barbie Doll clothes, lip sticks, etc.... It's packaging that keeps on giving. It didn't photograph perfectly (I'm limited) and it still needs a luscious lavender boa hanging from it, but you get the gist.

Check out the accessory I am most excited about giving Frankie (made for toddlers!)....
Hello!?!?!! I want to be Fancy like Nancy!

The fun doesn't stop there. Check out the fun wrapping creations submitted by Katie and Cheryl....
Before signing off, either tell us about the coolest packaging you've seen this holiday season or... just tell us how you're spending the day. I'll be wrapping and enjoying a Starbucks.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Chaotic said...

well, unfortunately, I am spending it at work. Yippee. One of my all tiem faves was my sis-in-law's ieda for my twins present. She got him a gold bracelet he'd been drolling after.. but she affixed it to the bottom of a heavy duty wood cutting board (he cooks for fun). He opened the cutting board and was gracious, but disappointed, you could see.... until he turned it OVER. :-)

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Merry Christmas Eve, HLA!

I'll be spending the day baking Christmas cookies and watching Christmas movies. Then this evening, we go to my grandparent's house to have Christmas with the Kolkmeier's. At midnight, it's off to church we go. It makes for a LONG day...but a merry one!

The best wrapping I saw two Christmases ago was how my brother wrapped up a diamond necklace for his girlfriend (now his wife). He didn't want her to know that's what she was getting so he put it in progressively larger boxes. On Christmas, she thought she had gotten a very large (in size) gift based on the fact that the box was so big. However, 6 boxes later, she realized she had gotten a diamond necklace.

Kat said...

Happy Christmas Eve!
Today I am cooking some side dishes that I can reheat tomorrow and trying to relax a little. Then we are going to church, having a spaghetti dinner, and tucking the kiddo into bed. I am really excited to get the stockings ready and set out M's Santa gift. This is the first year that he really gets what is going on and it is so much fun!

Peggy said...

Happy Merry Eve!

Thank you Claudia for making this blog fun! For continuing to show us so many unique and creative things out there, that we can actually strive to achieve (if we want to). You rock!!

I feel slightly bad :( that I didn't participate in "That's a wrap". I sorta forgot, but also too, I wouldn't have created something worthy of contributing. This year under the tree are some gifts that DH wrapped in the comics section of the newspaper! They look cute! And although I'm using curling ribbon and the way Claudia taught us at Taste of USA, I'm a little shy on wrapping beautiful gifts.

Enjoy, relax and have a great day people!!

BeeKayRoot said...

Katie, I've always loved that sort of "progressively-getting-larger" wrapping.

I don't get very fancy with my wrapping. I take a pretty simplistic approach. So, the wrapping you ladies are showing here on HLA is probably the best I've seen this year so far. Haha.

Anyhow, I'm off to get ready for the day. I'm heading to my dad's house for most of the day where I'll have dinner, etc.

Merry Christmas to everyone! (or Happy Holidays, if you don't celebrate Christmas!)


Robin said...

I have had some occasions to use the ribbon curling techniques taught at HLA! Though in geteal we use reuaseable bags.

I LOVE the Fancy Nancy stuff. You did a great job. I have some Fancy Nancy fans at my house.

Today I took the kids to TKD. Tonight we will go to the synagogue's chili bingo dinner.

I'm also going to try my hand at salt dough people using my beloved HLA owl cookie cutter.

Merry Christmas!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

It's after 9:00 and I am sure there are few of you out there reading blog comments right now.

We just got back from Christmas Eve dinner and now Mr. Claus and I are going to start working our magic.

Cheryl in Refugio said...

Merry Christmas! We were up at 5:30am and on the road by 6am which was great because we had a clear road all to ourselves. Our 6 to 9 hour trip only took us 5.5.

We had lunch at our favorite local spot, dinnr with the fam, opened presents from the fam and now we're all tucked in ready for Santa to come.

The Fancy Nancy cone is too cute. Frankie is one lucky girl.

Good night everyone