Friday, December 18, 2009

Free For All Friday: So You Think You Can wRap!

I'll be quick. Take a seat. You'll need it for today's video. Word.

  • Snack Throw Down: We will not vote on a secret ingredient this week, as we are giving Kate and Lauren two weeks off, so they can tick something off their holiday lists. We will resume our Snack Throw Down in time for post season play.
  • Shine Ball: Brian won the Shine Ball by coming closest to guessing the number of Christmas lights on my tree, without going over. There are a total of 2000 lights on the Beeny Christmas tree. Cassie, you were pretty darn close.
  • Click Below: Click below to hear about our latest contest.

Pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing! Today is the 18th and we're waiting to hear your high, low, and aha for the month. I bet I can guess at least one of your highs... or is it a low? Hmmmm....

Signing off until tomorrow...


Heather @ said...

High: There are a bunch...but I'll go with having our offer accepted on a house (now we are just playing the waiting game on inspections and appraisal!)

Low: Feeling like people have checked out.

Aha: Sometimes life is just serendipitous!

Chaotic said...

High: that video!
Low: the coffee up my nose
Aha: do not watch Friday videos while sipping hot coffee

As for M's spirit... wow! He needs to be a fundraiser for some WORTHY cause. He will be making "change" in the years to come, I bet.

Wrapping, I do it, some. most of it is environmental friendly (cloth, recycled materieals, etc) in keeping with my spiritual beliefs. Not gonna win any awards for it :-)

So, other HLAs...
High: I asked for a raise-and got it!

Low: Deciding what is staying behind in 2009

Aha: Realizing it is OKAY to not do everything AND that it is not okay to not do some of the things I truly enjoy at least some of the time.

Cheryl said...

heather you freakin' rock. i'll be back later.

Robin said...

That was hilarious!!! (And fun.)

High: Finishing finals
Low: Anniversary of my Grandmother's death
Aha: I CAN do grad school.

I use a product to wrap that is environmentally friendly but not so gorgeous.

Heather: Good luck on the house stuff!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

High- I finally got the tattoo that I have wanted for 2 years and I love it!

Low- Having mixed emotions about the fact that I only have one semester of grad school left.

Aha- Our greatest fear is not our own inadequacies, but it is our strength. -Nelson Mandela

Peggy said...

I'm glad you had the words at the bottom, I had to read-a-long.

You guys are too cool for me!!! And good for you!!!!!!!!Fun, true FUN!!

High: Not being in a rush or hurry, I truly enjoy standing in a store check out line watching people as they panic when they see how long it is... well, I don't enjoy that they panic and are all harried because of the holidays, but that I personally feel the spirit of the holidays and don't feel the rush.... I can personally only do so much and it's such a good feeling knowing that.

Low: not anything too bad this month... hmmmm.... well today might be my last day at my temp job, but that's okay!

AHA: laughing when you finally get it!!! Be it a joke, a reason behind something, or a funny story that you bring to the front of your memory and replay it over and over!

That's a wrap!

Cheryl said...

High: being able to get dressed up and go to a fun grown up party. Starting a new workout routine with my trainer at work.

Low: Being hit on by yet another married man. (rolling eyes) My sons struggle with the third grade.
The stupid pre-lit tree lights not working.

Aha: It's another beautiful day in paradise... make the best of it. :)

BeeKayRoot said...

That's a lot of lights, Claudia!2000!

Also, that video was Oscar-worthy, let me tell you. Good job, ladies. Fresh Prince would be proud.

I've wrapped all the gifts I purchased so far, but I gotta admit, my wrappin's nothing special. I do prefer wrapping gifts over putting them in bags. It's no fun to open a gift when it's in a bag.

HIGH - My trip home to see my baby niece, Harmony, over Thanksgiving. (It was my first trek home since I moved to Virginia).

LOW - Still in a funk in a new town and new job. Hopefully I'll get out of it soon.

AHA - Many more "growing" and "learning" moments at the new job.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Hey everyone. We had a great time doing the video. Hopefully one or two of you will show us what you've got in the wrapping department. Submit a photo of the best looking gifts you have wrapped by December 23. Can't wait to see.

High: I love the holidays; seeing my mom, sister, and niece - all of whom came to visit me in the past month; relaxing with a cup of coffee and watching the white lights twinkle on my Christmas tree.

Low: Teenagers are hard to raise.

Aha: Moments spent with friends are every bit as good as packages wrapped up and tied with big red bows!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Hey Boone NC, if you are out there, I just drove past you! I thought of you as I drove past!

Loved the wrap ladies!

Jessie Freeman said...

Your video is nuts - I love it.

High: My sister and her kids are coming for Christmas!! Any it's my little brother's birthday today!
Low: I've had a hard time staying focused and motivated at work.
Aha: Giving is better than receiving.
I will be wrapping tonight...time for creativity.

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