Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Black Dress: Take Two

Those who tuned in yesterday know this week we are putting some creative energy into the little black dress. Four dresses, four women (Claudia, Cheryl, Heather, and Katie), and two looks for each of us - one day and one night.

I went first sporting a simple black dress from Ann Taylor. The able (and patient) attendant traveled the store selecting items we agreed would add pizazz to my simple dress. Check out yesterday's post if you want proof of my transformation.

Today, Cheryl.

Here's what's great about Cheryl.

While Heather, Katie, and I - all convinced the attendant packed more fashion savvy into her pinkie finger than the three of us have combined - helplessly followed the attendant around the store, Cheryl had the clerk following after her! It was a sight to behold. Visions of that scene from Pretty Woman wouldn't be too far off.

Cheryl quickly latched on to two items she loved (one day and one night) and used them to architect two fun and fabulous outfits.
The cornerstone of her Day Look... the colorful purse pictured above. Somehow, Cheryl intuitively knew she could add a colorful necklace, simple earrings, a complementary bracelet, and (my favorite item) the quilted Channel looking belt, and be ready for work or a fun outing with friends.
The inspiration for her Night Look... the beautiful magenta shirt that turned her dress into a skirt! Now, that's creative! Notice, not too much going on. Earrings that make a statement, an understated bracelet, and a purse that adds just the right touch of color. What Cheryl isn't sporting in over-the-top accessories, she makes up self assuredness that she knows what she is doing. A luxury Heather, Katie, and I can't afford.

And the shoes... well, the shoes are a show stopper, aren't they? What's the equivalent of an hour glass shape for feet? I'm not sure, but Cheryl's feet come close.

So there is Cheryl - a vision of beauty. All revved up and ready to be the hit of her office's holiday party.

Tell us, which of her items is a must in your book? And, are you attending any office parties this year? If so, tell us what you'll be wearing. Inquiring minds want to know.

Signing off until tomorrow when Heather goes from denim to diva!


Peggy said...

Looking good!!! Think of Freddie Prinze from Chico and the Man saying that.... if you are too young to remember Freddie Prinze Jr's dad.... forget it!

I would have to have the bracelet in the day look!! Love the mix of beads.

Cheryl said...

Claudia puts more confidence in me than I deserve. My whole thing is this: Simple and elegant. Less is more. Or as my dad likes to say, Keep it simple, stupid. :)

Looking back at the photos, my two favorite pieces are the purses. I love that green clutch. I don't like to be all matchy-matchy either. I like to have one item that pops.

Okay- there's my fashion two cents.

I am going to a party this coming Friday and I'm not wearing that dress. I kind of wish now that I would have worn the dress that I am wearing to the party to the shoot but it's not completely black. Kind of gray- oh well.

It was a fun day and I found a new, fun store in Charming Charlie.

Kat said...

I love it! I especially like the first necklace.
We missed my husband's holiday party last weekend due to having family in town, but it was at a bowling alley, so I wouldn't have really been dressed up. We do have a wedding next weekend though. I have a full black and white skirt that I will pair with a lacy pink cami and a black jacket. For jewelry I will wear a simple pendant necklace and lots of skinny silver bracelets. I am looking forward to it!

Cheryl said...

I love a good bowling alley party!! Fun. Sorry you missed it, Kat. Your outfit for the wedding sounds great! Have fun.

heather said...

I love the green clutch too!

That's my favorite!

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

I love the bracelet from the day look and the earrings from the night look! The thing about earrings like that is I'm afraid they're going to be too heavy and hurt my ears during a night out. Anyone have some words of advice on that one? How heavy is too heavy?

Good day, HLA!

Kate said...

Lookin' Good Cheryl! I love the beaded bracelet from the day look and the shoes from the night look.

My husband had his Christmas party last week, and spouses are invited, but most of the wives don't go:( No biggie because I saved about $50 in babysitting fees and had craft night with the boys instead.

I hope everyone has wonderful holiday parties!!!!

Robin said...

You look great. I love the purses too.

cassie p said...

i like both purses also. especially the first one.

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

I love the day look! As far as my favorite is both purses. The evening shoes 'look' uncomfortable??? I just can't do much in the way of heels anymore. Though I NEED them bc I'm short. LOL