Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yellow Envelope Project: Indianapolis

Running late today. Last night Richard and I were out later than normal doing a little Christmas shopping and taking in a movie. I love weekends in December!

And yet, I know there are a lot of people for whom life is not is not as simple - especially at this time of year. All the more reason to participate in this week's Yellow Envelope Project, a project dedicated to recognizing people who shine in their corner of the world. Think of it as taking a name from an Angel Tree and then generously giving a gift (only for this there is no trip to the mall, it only costs $0.44, and it takes less than 10 minutes).

If you are new to our blog, the rules of play are simple. Write a short note to the person's name listed below.
  • Read the short excerpt below, written by the person who nominated Ann for the Yellow Envelope Project.
  • Write a simple note thanking Ann for shining,
  • Put it in a yellow envelope or a white envelope decorated with yellow markers or stickers
  • Address using the address listed below
  • Place the words, "Yellow Envelope Project" in the return address, and
  • mail sometime between today and Christmas Eve.
Here we go...
I would like to nominate Ann Hannan. In addition to Ann being a wonderful wife, daughter, mother, daughter-in-law, sister, and cousin, she takes extra time to be with her friend Angela who is going through cancer treatment. Angela used to help take care of Ann's son Ben who has Spina Bifida. Now Ben is old enough to be in day care while Ann works part time.

On her days off, Ann might be seen taking Angela to her Chemo treatments, or taking her out for a day in a pretty park or just out to lunch. Ann also helps with Angela's 6 yr old son, if the chemo leaves her weak.

Ann's address is:
Ann Hannan
5036 E 68th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220-3927

Signing off until Monday...


Chaotic said...

I will be sending something to her today! I love this idea... reminds me of the old (and now possibly defunct) postcardX site. I will sned (again) to the previous names as well... my way of paying it forward. On a side note, check out my blog for how I sleep in...

Heather said...

I knew Ann through high school because I was good friends with her sisters and can tell you for a fact that she is a deserving recipient of the YEP.

Check out her work:

Danko Family said...

This is a very special recipient to me! This is my sister, and I feel kind of bad that I didn't nominate her!!! She spent last week helping her friend recover from a double mastectomy, spent the night with her in the hospital and has helped with her young son. She's very deserving of this honor!!!