Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Black Dress: Take Three

If you've tuned in for the past two days you know that Cheryl, Heather, Katie, and I are doing an experiment. We are testing how creative we can be with a simple black dress. Our partners in crime for this week's fun were the patient and diligent women from Charming Charlie's - a color coded accessory store, the likes of which you have never seen.

Each of us arrived at the store sporting our own black dress and excited to create our own Day and Night looks. We featured my dress on Monday and Cheryl's dress on Tuesday.

Today we feature Heather and her little black dress. It's a beautiful and flattering dress that, of course - in Heather fashion - she found for a steal!

Heather was decisive in a totally different way than Cheryl. Cheryl zipped around the displays, aptly picking and choosing items she knew would achieve the look for which she was striving. Heather, on the other hand, zipped around store decisively evaluating the clerk's selection of accessories for her. "Ok." "Um, maybe." "Hmm... I'm not sure." And, "Aahh.. no thank you."

When all was said and done, Heather and our clerk negotiated just fine and Heather was able to walk away with two fun outfits. Take a look...
My personal favorite.. the leggings under the dress with fun ballerina slippers. How about you? What's your favorite part of Heather's Day outfit?
Heather's Night look also suits her well. It's not overdone and, while the pieces aren't matchy-matchy, they certainly compliment one another. I'm a big fan of the blue scarf and the black drop earrings.

Of the four of us, Heather is the most simple and typically sports the fewest amount of frills. It made her transformation the most fun to watch.

P.S. I ran into Heather at daycare one day last week and she was wearing fun black leggings with a pretty dress.

Which brings me to today's question... what's the most recent fashion trend you've adopted?

Signing off until tomorrow when Katie makes her big debut.


Robin said...

Very lovely...

Finals starts for me today and I'm sick. It's not fair and I'm trying to deal. *pout*

Heather said...

Robin feel better soon!

For me I liked both pair of shoes...I'm with Cheryl on the shoes always fit thing...I like that!

As far as the leggings...that was my only request of the lady at Charming is a recent trend but one I like because it makes my legs feel a little more comfortable sporting a dress.

Danko Family said... look fabulous!!! Once again, my favorite aspects of her outfits are the shoes! I think I'm a shoe fanatic deep down, but have a really hard time find cute shoes in my size.

The only "fashion" I've adopted lately isn't really that much of a fashion statement. I've started wearing those tight headbands when I work out or when I'm SUPER casual. They really do keep my hair out of my face and make a perfect ponytail! That's about the extent of my fashion expertise.

If anyone ever has any questions about acceptable fashion underwear in 2 year old boys...that's where my expertise is! Sesame Street and Glow in the Dark Spiderman are the rage right now :)

Heather said...

Oooh Kate that is the type of fashion I know about too for girl 2 year olds it is still Sesame Street and throw in Dora and Princess.

Peggy said...

Very adorable Heather!!! I love the day look!

One thing I'm slowly adapting to, is it a fashion trend? I love the scarves. I have two in my collection right now and want more... but some of them are not a 'cheap' accessory. So, I am slowly building up on them.

PS we got our snow here in the midwest, about 6" last night!

Where I'm working now, scarves would get in the way of some of the equipment I use.... so you always have to be careful with accessories! :0)

Cristine said...

I agree with Claudia love the blue scarf. Great color.
No great shoes in my world right now - can't too much snow and slush.
Peggy there's a great scarf at Coldwater Creek. My friend just got a group of us matching ones. It's cute and doesn't get in the way - I think it's call the flower petal or something like that.
And don't get me started about boys and underwear... does it really matter if it's a Transformer day or Spongebob day? At least they put it in the hamper.

cassie p said...

Heather, both looks are super cute! I personally LOVE the day look on you, because I often put black leggings under dresses. The bracelet and heels in the night look are definitely must-haves!

Thanks for the congrats the other day! And Peggy, you guessed correctly, I am 22 years old! Apparently old enough to have a mortgage; at least the bank thinks I have good enough credit! :-)

There are pics on my facebook of the house if anyone is interested and hasnt seen them!

Kat said...

Beautiful, Heather! I really like the day look. Those flats are so cute!
I can't think of any fashion trends that I have adopted recently. Well, I have been layering tops a lot. That trend has been around for a while though. I would love to do the legging/dress thing but that would mean I would have to go buy some dresses.

Cheryl said...

I love a lot of the piece from both of Heather's outfits- all of the jewelry from night look. Simple and elegant. I also love the tights under the dress and have adopted that myself this year. yay.

I lived in the snow for 9 years. 9 years! And in that 9 years I realized that living in Texas is the greatest because I can pretty much wear cute sandals all year long!!!!! In Utah- I may get about 3 months. Maybe.

Snow = bad. Sunshine = sandals. Sandals = good. :)

I did love winter scarves with cute matching hats though.

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Heather- I love the day look! I love the leggings and flats. They look great on you.

One fashion trend of mine lately? I really like trouser jeans. And, I've been wearing scarfs with some outfits. Especially since we've already had 2 days of snow here this month and it's just flat out cold!

Have a great day, everyone!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Yeah... Heather's outfits are a hit! I agree the leggings look great under the dress. I don't know that my tree trunks could pull it off, but I like it nonethless.

Funny, Peggy. Scarves are also the thing I am getting into lately. My German exchange student wears a lot of them and I love the way they dress up a simple outfit.

Cristine, I might just check out the one from Coldwater Creek.

Chaotic said...

sorry... catching up...bear with me!
I DO have the classic "LBD"... and I have silver glitter pumps for holiday well as GOLD ones.. swoon. Who knew I would have a fave pair of high heels, much less TWO?!?
Day 1 Claudia MUST have the chunky ring...
Day 2 Cheryl...the CLUTCH is awesome!! I just bought a "winter" (purple) purse last night.
Day 3 blue scarf is just GORGEOUS on you!!!!

Cheryl said...

Last night I pulled out the jewelry I was going to wear for this Friday's party.... bad news... the necklace is broken and the earrings are missing several of the little stones.

I gave up my workout and went to Nordstroms for lunch and JACKPOT!! I replaced the earrings because I loved them so much. There's a word for them but I can't remember it... they're a cluster of sparkly stones. I found a dainty silver necklace that latches in the front and the biggest find was my SHOES!!

I was just going to wear something in my closet but these are way better. They're red satin with some fru-fru on the front. Pretty.

I'm so excited now!

Diana Leilani said...

You ladies are looking great. What a fun theme for this week!

My new trend, that isn't new, is finally giving in to boots and skinny jeans. It is so fun and comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Heather the blue is perfect for you. The only addition I have for you is stockings, stockings, stockings. They lengthen, slim and contour the leg. They also help to keep your shoes fresher longer

Kate's mom

BeeKayRoot said...

My most recent "fashion trend"... Simply wearing a tie every now and then to work. I get compliments on my ties often.

And wearing more "daring" colors... purple, turqoise, etc. etc.

Blue is my safe zone... Ihad to get out of the habit of buying all blue shirts, ties, and clothes

Cheryl said...

I love when a man wears a cool tie!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Brian... if you are still out there...

The best boss i ever had was a brilliant man named Bill McCartney.

His trademark was fun ties and fun socks!