Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get Cooking

If you were around last year, you remember me saying Christmas stockings are where it's at. I love them. I love the challenge of finding relevant, creative, and useful chatchka that fit within the measurements of a Christmas stocking.

This year I had an idea I thought I would share.

A pack of yellow note cards, a book of stamps, some stickers, and pen tied together with yellow ribbon, and an invitation to join Highlowaha's weekly Yellow Envelope Project. It's the perfect gift for so many people - people who have everything they need; people who appreciate the art of letter writing; people who shine; and people who get into a great Random Act of Kindness like we do. Any one of those people would love this bundle of good will all wrapped up in a yellow bow.

But the idea is half baked.

I tried and tried and tried to come up with an inspiring note card explaining the Yellow Envelope Project gift. I ditched inspiring for a rhyming poem and then, unable to get my creative juices flowing, finally settled on a recipe card. But, it was an hour and fifteen minutes later and, by that time, I was already tapped out.

I need help.

Lend me a creative hand and let's see what we can cook up. I'm looking for a clever recipe card, explaining our Yellow Envelope Project gift. Or, take a shot at writing a rhyming poem or an inspiring note card.

Below is my, I've-been-at-it-far-too-long-and-need-to-get-on-with-it, attempt. I know you can do better.
Recipe for Shine
1 package cards with yellow envelopes
1 book of $0.43 stamps
1 sheet of return address labels, reading “Yellow Envelope Project”
1 pen
Dash of fun stickers
Pinch of bright markers

Set yourself up for a bright new year. Check highlowaha.com each Saturday and receive the name of that week’s recipient of the Yellow Envelope Project. Take 1 card, mix with fun markers and write a note recognizing the recipient for shining in his/her corner of the world. Put in envelope. Add one stamp, one return address label, and place in local mailbox. Let be delivered to one unsuspecting, but pleasantly surprised person. Enjoy. Serves up to 52 people.
I have a Yellow Envelope Project package all wrapped up and ready to go. If someone comes up with the winning recipe, I would be happy to send the cards along to the person of your choice.

One more thing.

My stocking is empty. Fill it for me today, by sending the first name and address of someone you think would be a worthy recipient of the Yellow Envelope Project. Remember, we don't worry about awarding all the people already being recognized on the news, in the newspapers, or winning awards in their communities. We focus on recognizing all the little things people do, that going unnoticed by most, but that make a big difference in their corners of the world.

Get cookin'. Send his/her name to info@highlowaha.com

Signing off until tomorrow...


Heather said...

I'll have to "cook" something up in my head before I can take a go at it!

Happy Tuesday folks...Day 5 of Chanukah and 10 days until Christmas!!!

Chaotic you'll have to educate me as to how close we are to Solstice.

Peggy said...

Claudia - perfect recipe card, how can we top that.... you need to ask us to come up with ideas before you share your wonderful one. I think postage however, is $0.44 ...unless you do it different in TX. You're not sending $22 worth of stamps and 52 note cards are you?

Maybe instead of serves 52:

Surprises 10, inspires throughout the rest of the year.

A Dabble of bright markers

A smattering of fun stickers.

Cheryl said...

Hmm... I'm not having much luck expanding on your recipe card. You could add phrases like "Sure to delight" or "Deliciously fun."

I'm stuck on wanting it to be an invitation... something like You're invited to bring good karma into your life by the simple task of acknowleding others with a Yellow Envelope... but that's not great.

I'll look around for some deserving recipients.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

An invitation is an interesting idea, Cheryl. Especially if it looked really fancy.

Alright recipe, an invitation, a poem.... you pick it.

Peggy... some fun ideas.

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...
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Katie @ Highlowaha said...

A spoon full of YEP makes the world shine on.

Peggy said...

I could easily do a few 'invite' samples for you, if you were serious to go that route.

You're invited to make someone's day
What: Yellow Envelope Project
Who: Check for that special named someone at HLA
When: Saturday's throughout the year
How: By sending them a note/card to recognize their good deeds
Where: Addresses will be posted on the blog
Please help us to make people throughout the country SHINE!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Peggy... I am as serious about your help as you are about helping.

Take a crack at it and I will be sure to use it!