Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wake Up Call

Wake up! Today is Festivus and we've got some complaining to do. A few weeks ago I announced Highlowaha would be celebrating this favorite Seinfeld holiday. Little did I know you would saddle me with a Fancy Flours ROOSTER cookie cutter to help get the party started.

The Christmas holiday gets snowmen, elves, Santa Claus, and Rudolph. Me? What do I get? A rooster. I want to lodge a grievance.

That's right. Festivus, according to Seinfeld is set aside for the airing of grievances and I've got quite a few

Why did I get stuck with a rooster? I'm a city girl. How come Tera, Julie, Maureen, and Montana Kelly never show their faces anymore? Whose reading this blog anyway? Why is my skin dry? Why do I have no sense of direction and a bunion on my left foot big enough to warrant its own shoe? Why are the hard boiled eggs stinking up my refrigerator, and why don't cashiers know how to make change?

I could go on. Why does my husband leave the "twist ties" around the hangers of his dry cleaned shirts? Why does my teenage son think cleaning his room means throwing everything in a heap at the base of his closet? Why must my youngest son strip down COMPLETELY each and every time he goes to the bathroom, and why does my laundry multiply...exponentially?

Why? Why? Why?
Cockadoodle-do-something! Share a grievance. And while you're at it, tell me this.... Which of our blog posts in the last year stunk like the eggs in my refrigerator? Don't try feeding me a cockamamie story about how they were all good and don't worry about ruffling my feathers. Come February, we're presenting do-overs for the 18 worst posts of 2009, as voted on by YOU!

Don't be a chicken. Lay it on me.
Think you could do better than me with the rooster? Well, lay that one on me too. Share another occasion when you might use the rooster and let me hear you slogan. The proud winner rules the roost and wins the cookie cutter.

I'm out. Ba Humbug.

Signing off until tomorrow....


Chaotic said...

Share a grievance? That my co-worker cannot run credit card payments & then I look like an idiot when I call client to ask where the money is. How hard is it to walk over to the machine, really? Or just TELL me and I would run the damn thing. All my grievances are work related, it seems. I like my life, outside of the children I work with. I feel more like a hall monitor than a productive employee. Sigh.
As for posts.. I can't remember any but then I have missed some AND I've not had any coffee yet!

Danko Family said...

My most recent grievance was at the post office. Yes, I know it was on the 21st and yes that's close to Christmas. However, letting 2 of 3 workers take a lunch break at the same time with a line out the door REALLY made me pull up my "patient pants" To top if off, another person in line said, "well if we didn't all wait till the last minute" and the postal worker said, "You said it...not me" FOR REAL??? It's the worker with a line out the door is plain rude. Then people get to the window and don't have their proper paperwork filled out...BIG pet peeve...not only at the holidays! Then you have the people who cut the line to "ask a quick question" which turns into them getting served before me...NOPE! They got sent to the end of the line...that made me smile. I'm not knocking the postal system because we LOVE our letter's just my current grievance.

I agree with Chaotic...I'll get back to you in regards to the posts....Panera Cinnamon Chip Bagel is calling my name!

Claudia @ Highlowaha said...

Kate you are HILARIOUS! I have plenty experience with the post office and can agree on a few accounts.

Don't forget to take a crack at sending a slogan my way. I'm looking for the winner of this month's cookie cutter.

Cheryl said...

Claudia! That photo of you is hilarious! The Rooster cookies look GREAT!! You did such a great job! Other Rooster cookie ideas:
Cock-a-doodle-doo, I love you.

But that's all goody-goody and I need to get on track here.

2009 grievances: Men! Why do only married men or 27 year olds approach me? Why do men ask for my phone number and then never call me? What's the freaking purpose of me giving you my number if you aren't going to use it.

Dandalions! Why must they cover my whole yard?

Christmas tree lights! Why won't those damn strands come on? I replaced all the stupid bulbs.

That's all I got. I've been sitting here for about 5 minutes trying to think of something else.

I'll have to come back on the worst post of 2009.

Karlie said...

Oh my goodness, I agree with Cheryl about your photo Claudia...I was cracking up!!! Yes to Kate and 'going postal' at the PO this holiday. My grievance is similar but going to the bank's drive thru. The whole point is to be efficient with your time and complete the task. But I have waited while there is only one teller and the person in front of me must have been filling out a loan application or something! Can you 'go postal' at the credit union?
I love the rooster!! Since we are heading to a new year and new about: Cock-a-doodle doo ~ Here's to a new view! I need more caffeine - Merry Merry to all!

Peggy said...

Where is Anonymmous and Sporatic Spy?

A family could have "something to crow about" if they were making an announcement. A graduate could have "Crowing success".... or somebody in a new position could be "taking off", with a special rooster cookie.

Do you really want me to go back and read through 250+ posts from this year to find which post stunk?? Hmmmm, although at times I found comments by Annonymous to be petty, I think those days with a little controversy and complaints often were a highlight to get a conversation going.

I guess today I could be one of the grievances someone could share. Out with my 14 & 16 year olds running errands (busy snow day before Christmas Eve)... we found the 3 items we needed at the grocery store... all the lines for the check out were 10 deep... the store has a self check out and "I thought" people were waiting in line to check out with a clerk or the self line that has a conveyor belt. I got behind a lady who was just finishing up with the real "short line" where you just plop your few items into the bag and go.

My kids proceeded to tell me I 'totally' cut in line! I swear, those people were all standing back for another line! So, now I feel really guilty for cutting... but I also think I was just taking charge and getting in and out..... you know lines you can't tell where they begin and end?

Grievances? I have more.... but I can't waste any more energy on them!

A very happy merry!

Cheryl said...

I thought this whole picking out the worst post of 2009 would be easier... I've been through most of the year and I don't have anything that stands out.

Katie @ Highlowaha said...

Don't forget to submit photographs of you best wrapped gift to tonight!!!

Heather @ said...

Darn it I missed Festivus!!!

I'm totally bummed!

We were busy travellers yesterday but rest assured I did my fair share of complaining and airing my grievances.

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