Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

If you think this is the cutest Halloween idea shared during Highlowaha's Second Annual Taste of USA, you're wrong. Loyal reader, Peggy, taught us to make a few holiday items we will share with you after October 1... provided her agent agrees!

Be the hit of your block, your office, your play group, or your child's school with this simple and inexpensive Halloween treat.

Blow up balloons. Water balloons work the best and can be found at Walmart... even at midnight.

Paper mache the balloons using a flour and water mixture.

Cut small strips of newspaper. Tip: packing paper from some place like Hobby Lobby or Crate and Barrel works better than newspaper, Newsprint doesn't show through and you can do fewer layers. Let dry.

Cut squares of orange tissue paper and, using a foam brush and Mod Podge, cover the paper mache balloon.

Add eyes and mouth.

Fill with candy, confetti, and other Halloween treats.

Add stem and greenery to seal top of pinata.

Make someone's day.


During our twenty minute Taste of USA workshop, the participants and I brainstormed quite a few variations of this idea, all which could be used to be used this fall. My suggestion was the head of a black cat. Black tissue paper, eyes, whiskers, and ears cut from foam.

How about you? What is your idea of how else we might use this idea between now and New Years?

Signing off until tomorrow...


Robin said...

My brain isn't working as well as it was that morning. I'm trying to remember some of what we said, like Easter eggs, dino eggs (with baby dinos inside). If you celebrate Purim and give little baskets of goodies, you could use Cheryl's boxes or these as your Mishloach Manot.

My girls loved these!

Kat said...

Cute! I did a big spider for Halloween last year. A big balloon for the body, a water balloon for the head and pipe cleaners for legs. You could put white glitter all over one and make it a snowball. Or I can even see a non-Jack o lantern type of pumpkin for Thanksgiving. Oh! Or you could paint the balloon part to look like a turkey body and glue feathers to the back for a tail!

beekayroot said...

Very cool!

cassie p said...

yes, they were fun!

Cheryl said...

Ooh Kat has some great ideas. Love the Spider & Snowball.

I'm trying to think of Valentines Day.... other than just covering it in pink and red with hearts...maybe it's a piece of jewelry?

Lauren said...

I was thinking the turkey too. I love feathers. Veterans Day is also in the fall, you could make round flags, giant round medals of some sort "you are my hero" type of thing. OR as a gift for Claudia's b-day...halloween themed of course.

Katie K said...

Those water balloons can be found in the party section of Wal-Mart by the tablecloths and party supplies.

Other ideas for these? World Kindness Week is coming up in November, and I'm thinking about turning them into globes and giving one to each room in my building.

Claudia said...

Another rainy day in Texas. Your input serves as the only sunshine I'll get today. Keep it coming.

Actually, what about using the balloons to make mini suns? I could use a few of those right now.

I'm over the rain!

Heather said...

these are such fun and SO easy!!!

Love it!

Thanks to Robin for posting on Facebook...don't forget about that little "Share" button at the bottom of the post!

Robin said...

You could also use them for your fav lactation professional for World Breastfeeding Week. I'll just let you decorate them in your mind for that one. ;-)

Cheryl said...

that is hilarious robin... on that trend... what about for a bachelor or bachelorette party? HA HA HA!

Even though you are over the rain, Claudia, they could be made into raindrops, too. Could they be made into flowers and set on a stem?

Peggy said...

Me? Peggy or airport Peggy? You must mean my Faux agent? Did I agree to something in the whirlwind of the weekend when Cheryl and I visited the fire station????
(please excuse any spelling errors)

Claudia and I had talked about making the bottom of the pumpkins flat so that they would stand up... if when slightly damp from the Paper Mache' you smooshed them a bit, thus helping them from wobbling like a Weeble! You could even make a 'paper chain' link and plop them into that!

You can make a circle shape into anything.... how about a clown with a pom pom nose and shredded hair (or yarn), the base could have shoes coming out (or a bow tie, think ale Mr. Potato Head). A bumble bee using tule as wings and chennele (pipe cleaners ) as attenae, RAY (light bulb) with the fun foam glasses and the base be the grey crimped for the bulb screw in, a little graduate student with an origami motar board and tassle, a puppy with felt floppy ears, oval for a nose, google eyes and the base would be a dog collar with tags... oh, the ideas are endless. Love the world, globe idea too!!!! Put a recycle bag inside!!

Have your people call my people!!!

Claudia said...

We're not worthy, Peggy! Geez, you're on fire today.

Ideas are flowing from you, like rain down flowing from our Texas streets.

I want to do them all... the clown, the dog, Ray! Fun, fun, fun.

I remade the pumpkin pictured in today's post and, yes, I used it as an opportunity to see if I could make the bottom flat, so it could sit up on its own. Cute, very cute.

Chaotic, if you're out there... I remember you have a bias toward keeping Thanksgiving non-commercial, by making a hostess gift. These would be cute presents for a hostess.

Cheryl said...

Hey everyone- Chaotic left a message last night. She's going to probably be a little out of reach since Karen is still in the hospital in Austin and Chaotic had to go back work.

Keep them in your thoughts.

Mandy said...

This is really cute! In grade school we did something similar at Derby time - we made a hot air balloon - same method except you use the bottom of a milk carton covered in construction paper to make a little basket and use string to attach it to the bottom. As a kid I thought is was so cool - I had that thing hanging from the ceiling in my room for years.

Robin said...

I'm getting ready to do this today with the kids - how much flour and how much water? :-D

Cheryl said...

Robin- it's usually 1 part flour to 2 parts water but you'll really just need to eyeball it. It should look like glue but be watery to run your paper through.... clear as mud?

You've probably already figured it out...