Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yellow Envelope Project: Texas

Week one of Highlowaha's "Yellow Envelope Project."

Excellence breeds excellence. You know it's true. Tiger Woods has forever raised the bar for the game of golf. Nancy Goodman Brinker - a woman on a mission - has painted the world pink and raised over 1 billion dollars for breast cancer research on behalf of her sister, Susan G. Komen. My father, a born educator, not only taught English for 40+ years, but in the process inspired future generations of passionate teachers. Even one waitress can improve service provided by an entire restaurant staff when she is remarkable at her work.

The Yellow Envelope Project is an ongoing effort to reward excellence in our communities. It is an effort to recognize those who - in the words of Highlowaha - SHINE!

Each week we will post the address of someone submitted by one of you, along with a short paragraph describing why the nominee shines.

Your job is to find ten minutes sometime during the weekend to write a note telling our selected recipient that you think she/he SHINES. The note can be short... one paragraph; four lines; or two words - "You Shine." Decide for yourself.

The important thing is that you do it. Excellence breeds excellence. When people shine, the world is a brighter place. And, if by simply recognizing someones excellence, they shine a little brighter or a little longer, then isn't the .44 cents worth it?

You shine. That's why you meet up with us at Highlowaha each day. So help our "Rayvolution." One yellow envelope mailed to one person who shines keeps the rayvolution going.
Pat, the person we honor today, shines at being a friend. She has extended herself to a couple whose medical problems have left them in a time of need. Pat has raised money, cooked meals, folded laundry, and generally pitched in to make sure the couple's needs were met. It is not only her financial help, but her active participation in the couple's life that really makes Pat stand out and SHINE!
Come on and do it. Get out paper and a pen, find a yellow envelope and send your note to :

15615 Fagerquist
Del Valle, TX 78617

Signing off until Monday.


Anonymous said...

Very cool idea and will definitely stick out! -Robin

Cheryl said...

I hope Pat gets a lot of yellow mail that lets her know that she is appreciated. :)

When we send our mail, do we sign our names or are we anonymous?

Claudia said...

To sign your name or not, that is the question, that is the question. I sent mine this morning and I did not sign my name.

I think I signed it, "Yellow Envelope Project."

Thanks for helping to spread the word.

heather said...

I'm so excited...I'm going to get my yellow envelopes this afternoon so I can drop in the mail before the post office closes.

Cheryl said...

check! JB just went to put ours in the mailbox. :)

Katie K said...

I just returned from Michael's where I purchased some FUN yellow envelopes! I can't wait to put mine in the mail later tonight!

Don't forget- if you have the address of someone you'd like to nominate then email us at

Just email us with the address and reason why you feel this person shines!

BeeKayRoot said...

I'm excited for this... just gotta go find some yellow envelopes.

Heather said...

A note if anyone still needs to find yellow envelopes they have them at FedEx/Kinko's

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