Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So many scarves, so little time

Sorry I'm running late, I was trying to choose which of the 12 Halloween scarves I should sport today. ...Or, maybe I should change my scarf/neckerchief on the hour.

Truth of the matter... there's no sense in trying to post a blog about creativity on a day like today. Today personifies creativity. Today, everywhere you turn creativity will be rearing its head. Creative costumes, creative decorations, creative baked treats, creative Halloween festival games, creative Jack-o-Lanterns, creative, creative, creative. I can't compete.

Instead, I'll move over and, in the spirit of Free For All Friday, let you report on the creativity you're encountering.

Thanks to Cristine, I have the first example of the day. Check out her the costume of her son's preschool teacher. She's a Hoover vacuum! Best of all... she achieved it with nothing more than a HOT GLUE GUN. There's hope for me yet!
One more thing... Get out and Vote! Check out the slide show below and vote for your favorite carved pumpkin. The winner receives a fun Halloween accessory, sure to make your next Halloween sweet!

Signing off until tomorrow...

1 comment:

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