Thursday, October 23, 2008

The A-Zs of Packaging: P-T

Announcements at the end.

Can we make a pact?  Can we each promise that as we package up Halloween treats, Thanksgiving surprises, or Christmas and Hanukkah presents that we will try at least one new packaging trick shared on Highlowaha?

Me?  I've picked up quite a few new tips.  I love the idea of using lace to wrap packages; I'll search high and low for the metal tags Peggy mentioned,  And, I'll steal the easy, but quirky suggestion of covering packages in fun words like, "Quack."

How about you?  Tell me the trick or treat you are willing to commit to trying and be entered in a drawing to win a supply of today's featured item.  Here are a few more you can "choose to use."  

Today we will cover letters P through T.
  • P: Paper Cutter, Postcards, and Paint Pens.  My husband bought me my paper cutter for Valentine's Day one year and it is, by far, one of the most used items in my artillery of creative tools.  The nice thing is that most paper cutters (mine is a Fiskars) have interchangeable blades.  Mine can cut, score, or perforate paper.  I have a lot to say about postcards, but for that I'll wait a couple more weeks.  Finally, paint pens...  Look at how I used paint pens to decorate the plastic barrel of fun I sent T. Shay during our USPS Prank.

  • Q: Quotes: I wandered a craft store a few weeks ago to make sure I wasn't missing an essential tool or item and, to be honest, to search of items that start with crazy letters like "Q," "V," and "X."  The only thing in the entire store I could find that started with the letter "Q" was quilling paper.  Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.  It's not something I've ever done and, though I love paper, I don't see myself delving in anytime soon.  As for quotes.  Google is a great resource for over literally over a million quotes.  Here's one that caught my eye.  "The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm."
  • R: Ribbon, Raffia, and Rubber Cement:  Today will be sponsored by the letter "R."  I like all the letters we're featuring today, but "R" starts the name of some of my favorite goodies.  I love ribbon, raffia, rubber cement, and rubber stamps (though I am not very proficient with them).  Ribbon I love and I will talk more about why under today's featured item.  Raffia is sort of like ribbon, but I use it when I want the package to have a more "earthy" feel.  Today I am sending Cassie the baked good she won from bobbing for apples.  I am wrapping them in brown paper, so I'll use raffia and some shred (matte not shimmery) to finish off the package.  Check it out.  Rubber cement.  I love it.  No lumps.  You can rub off the excess rubber cement, and if you make a mistake you can remove what you have glued without ruining the picture or clipping.
  • S: Stickers and Sharpie Markers:  My sticker collection rivals my neckerchief collection and Aunt Annie's accessory collection.  I have A LOT of stickers.  To me, they just add a little something to the outside of an envelope or box.  Amy shared with the group in Philadelphia that she likes to use stickers of people's initials to address their boxes.  I have been the lucky recipient of Amy's packages and it is true.  Receiving a package bearing your initials in bright colored letters automatically brings a smile to your face.  It's become a trademark of Amy's over time.  Do you have a package trademark?  I don't, but I want one.
  • T: Tubes, Tissue Paper, and Tags: I love tubes.  I think you can have totally tubular fun when using it to send a package.  Flat and square = predictable.  Circular and long = F*U*N!  Tissue paper I like to buy in "folds" of assorted colors.  I feel like it makes any package seem a touch more luxurious (maybe not the perfect word, but you know what I mean).  Tags.  Tags are even more abbreviated than the small note cards we talked about yesterday.  They are a perfect way to attach a name or a short note without compromising the "look" of the package.  Take a look.

Sticky note vs. Decorative tag

Today's Featured Item: Ribbon.
A quick note.  All ribbon is not created equal.  Today we will compare three ribbon choices - curling ribbon, satin ribbon, and wired ribbon.  Curling ribbon is the least expensive and most frequently used.  When I use curling ribbon, I usually double it or even quadruple it to make sure it looks fuller.  Satin ribbon is a great way to upgrade your package.  It's a touch nicer than curling ribbon and often comes with decorative patterns (a roll at hobby Lobby is $1.00, on sale).  Finally is wired ribbon.  To me this is the easiest ribbon to work with, because you can move it and shape it however you like.  Take a look at the same package, all wrapped in brown paper but using three different kinds of ribbon.
Blog-a-thon:  Help spread the word.  The Blog-a-thon will not take place this Friday.  Due to limited participation, we have moved the date to Wednesday, November 5.  We have also shortened the length.  Sign ups for the new date will begin on Saturday.
Helping Hand:  I got word yesterday that an update has been on the Helping Hand website.  Check it out.  We are getting closer to the the deadline for making contributions for the family we adopted for the holiday season.
Pumpkin Patch:  Don't forget.  Enter our pumpkin carving contest by submitting a picture of your Jack-o-Lantern to by Wednesday, October 29 at 5:00 p.m.

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