Friday, October 24, 2008

Packaging from A-Z

Is it funny or what?  Today is Friday - Free for all Friday.  For those of you who have forgotten, or who are new to the game, this is the day of the week when we open up the blog to brainstorm anything and everything of interest to you.

Heading into the day with a full docket of things to talk about (ie. six letters worth of packaging materials) goes a little against the grain.  As it happens, these last six letters have proved tough for me.  It's not that I came up completely dry.  I kind of thought "U" could stand for a unique signature or symbol that people will automatically associate with you and your packages.  I thought "V" could be vellum paper; "W" could be a wax seal; "X" if I'm stretching it could be an x-acto blade; "Y" I'm not sure; and "Z" could either be ziploc bags for storing opened bags of shred or "ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz" for all the sleep you'll need after experimenting with letters A-Y.

I wasn't completely tapped out of ideas, but on a scale of 1-10 - with 10 being the winningest idea and 1 being "showed up," I give myself a "1."  Lucky for me, it's Friday - the day meant for me to talk a little less and to listen a little more.  So, today I will sit back with my bucket of bon bons, put my feet up, and listen to what ideas you have for which products or tools, corresponding with the last six letters of the alphabet, can be used to enhance our gift wrapping.

Lest you think I'm checking out, I'm not.  I'm taking careful note and preparing to run out for any last minute "must have's" before Saturday night's Eighteenth Annual Random Acts of Kindness Packaging Party.  Party goers are prepared to put together 3-4 festive packages for unsuspecting people with whom they would like to reconnect (or even get to know).  Each person attending will be a dozen of some small treat to be placed on a community table and shared with the other party goers who will do the same.  I will supply the A-Zs of packaging essentials, including everything from boxes to envelopes, tissue paper, ribbon, stickers, and notecards.  We will eat dinner, mix and mingle, and and - with love and care - put together packages for people who are on our minds.  For more about this idea, check out the post from 2/20/08, titled, "Birds of a Feather..."

I'm reserving one of my care packages for someone truly random.  For someone that one of you knows and you thinks is deserving.  I don't have a smart way for determining who that might be, so I figure I will get select name from a reader who makes a post today.  If you make suggestions today for letters "U" through "Z," I will put your names in a hat and then select one of you to give me the name and address of someone you would like to receive a package made at Saturday's Random Act of Kindness.  

But that's not all we have to decide on today.  Today we must also look ahead to next week's showdown between Treye and Melanie in the Foot ball Snack Throw Down.  Here's a little recap of where we've been...
Richard versus Brian: Secret Ingredient: Bacon, winner Richard
Julie versus Nicole: Secret Ingredient: Vanilla, winner Nicole
Maureen versus Katie: Secret Ingredient: Nutmeg, winner Maureen

This secret ingredients we are voting on today are... (drum roll, please...)

Peanuts or Coconut

Final Announcement
  • Congratulations, Cheryl who was the winner of yesterday's drawing.  Cheryl will win a small box of raffia, ribbon, and rubber cement.

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