Thursday, October 2, 2008

All Revved Up For...

National Name Your Car Day!

Today we pay tribute to our cars.  Can you believe we've been hanging out together for eight months and we've never talked about our cars?  I feel like I should know your cars as well as I know you.  They're an extension of us.  They are like pets in that they reflect their owners.    

Me.  I drive a red SAAB.  A 2000.  Not too fancy, but it gets the job done.  I'm practical.  I'll drive my car until it dies (which may be any day now).  I don't get a charge out of fancy cars.  But, craft supplies... now that's something I can get excited about.

Truth is, I've come a long way since my very first car - a Hyundai.  That car felt a little like a tin can.  I think it still only went 60 MPH when the pedal was to the medal, and it had that hollow sound when you open and closed the door.  It had a sun roof, though.   Pretty fancy for a first car.  Eventually the sun roof broke and the only way to open and close it was by using a metal crank that was in the glove compartment.

My Hyundai was replaced by a Subaru.  Sounds like a step up, right?  I'm no mechanic, but I feel safe saying it probably was a step up in terms on inner workings.  But outward appearance?  ...How unfortunate.  The color was a cross between an ugly tan and a pea green.  The only thing worse than the color of my car was the rust eating away at the body... oohh... and the apparent leak, resulting in a constant sound of water sloshing back and forth in my trunk.

Finally came Whitney.  She was my pride and joy.  I finally earned her when I hit my mid-twenties and moved into my second professional position.  Oh, what a feeling.  I will remember driving that car off the car lot for the rest of my life.  I might as well have been driving a Porsche for how important and rich I felt in my new car.  It wasn't a Porsche.  It was a Saturn.  A white Saturn.  I wouldn't let anybody eat in my car and I opened and closed the door as quickly as possible to keep the new car smell inside for as long as possible.  I loved that car.

Whitney was good to me.  She finally retired in 2003, making way for my SAAB.  Whitney is the only car I've ever had that I named.  I don't know why.  I guess I didn't name the first two because I hoped they wouldn't be around long enough for me to need to know or remember their names.  I'm not sure why my red SAAB never got a name.  Maybe because only months after getting my car, we found out we were pregnant with Matthew and we were busy picking out baby names.

I have named my GPS, though.  I had to.  She is my savior.  I have a horrible sense of direction and Delila gets me where I need to go with minimal stress and a perfectly calm voice.  I love Delila like I loved Whitney.  

How about you?  Let's spend today introducing one another to our cars, their names if they have one, and maybe you'll throw in your "first car story," for good measure.

  • Blog-a-thon:  Have you signed up for your time yet?  We are still in need of over 80 people to make our Blog-a-thon work.  Please help spread the word.  Again, writers don't have to write for the full 15 minutes they are scheduled.  They just need to commit to spending the full 15 minutes on the blog and to add to the story in some way.
  • Pet Picture: Absolute last call to send Katie a picture of your pet.  She must receive it by noon today or you and your pet miss out.  You can send it to
  • Naked Mail: Are you still thinking about what you're going to mail T. Shay in our United States Post Office Prank?  Tuesday is the day we will each visit our respective post offices in an attempt to mail the most outlandish item...NAKED... that we can.  Does anybody want to give us a preview of what they'll be mailing?  See Monday' blog for more detail (9/29)
  • Halloween Activity:  As you know, each day in the month of October my family and I will do something in anticipation of Halloween.  Today...  we will create a Halloween story during dinner time.  Mommy starts and everyone adds a little something until dinner is over.
Signing off until tomorrow...

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