Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's a Wrap!

Bunny, bunny!
I thought I would spend today wrapping up the month of October, so we can move on in good conscience to the month of November.

First thank you to Cassie Y, Cheryl, Julie, and Kristen all who submitted carved pumpkins to our First Annual Pumpkin Patch competition.  Their entries, coupled with my feeble attempt, made for a spirited competition.  Cheryl's spooky entry #4 won the contest.  She wins a fun Halloween Wilton Cookie mold.  The molds, once decorated, will be nothing short of GREAT Halloween presents for teachers, co-workers, and family members.  Pumpkin Patches are also awarded to Cheryl and all our other participants.

Next.  We only had one person visit our site, after being Boo'd by a Highlowaha member.  Her name is Kuj.  She will receive a post-Halloween treat in the mail from yours truly.  And, who knows... maybe she'll come back to visit again.

Next.  The beginning of Thursday revealed very few Candy Corn lovers, but the latter part of the day....  The latter part of the day produced several people worthy of receiving all our extra candy corn.  Candy Corn Fans are: Mandy, Jane, Casey, BKRoot, Cristine, and Lori.  And the winner of all the candy corn we are willing to ship off is... Christine.  Cristine from Illinois spells her name without an "h," so this is a different Christine.  CHRISTINE if you are out there, send me an email with your shipping address.  That way I can share it with any readers who have candy corn they want to send!  If you are new to us, you don't yet know how much fun mail from our readers can be!

Also, if any of us is connected to Christine, please let her know she is the winner!

Finally,  I realized part way through the month I was TERRIBLE at posting our daily Halloween activity, as promised.  It's a little late now, except that - if interested - you can tuck it away until next year.  And, though my ideas might not be the best, they might spark you to think of new and improved ideas.  I'll list them below.  Remember, the point of these ideas was to have a small daily activity I could do with the boys to build their excitement for Halloween.

1: Today we will BOO a neighbor.
2: Today we will warp the witch (this was a website.  See post from 10/3 ).
3: Today we will create a Halloween story during dinner time.
4: Today we will go on a Hayride
5: Today we will make a Halloween craft.
6: Today we will eat a candy apple.
7:  Today we will wrap ourselves like mummies.
8: Today we will play a round of "killer" at the dinner table.
9: Today we will wrap ourselves like mummies in toilet paper.
10: Today we will line our walkway with luminaries
11. Today we will drink a witches brew with dinner.
12: Today we will get our picture taken at a pumpkin patch.
13. Today we will buy a Halloween pumpkin.
14: Today we will decorate the front door.
15: Today we will wear black and orange
16: Today we will send a Halloween card to an old friend.
17: Today we will tell funny Halloween jokes.
18: Today we will play Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin
19: Today we will bob for apples.
20: Today we will bake a Halloween treat.
21: Today we will write a funny epitaph and then play musical tombstones.
22: Today we will send a scary note to someone
23: Today we will do the Monster Mash
24: Today we will read a Halloween book to our class.
25: Today we will eat pumpkin shaped pancakes
26: Today we will watch the Peanut Gang Halloween special
27: Today we will pick out our Halloween candy
28: Today we will count Jack-o-Lanterns between our house and school
29: Today we will carve our Halloween pumpkin
30: Today we will deliver Halloween treats to our classmates
31: Today we will Trick of Treat.
Having said all that, ... Welcome to November.  We have lots in store for the month.  For that we can be... thankful.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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