Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Fest: S is for...


October 18!

We will put on hold all the fun things we could talk about beginning with the letter "s," so that we may partake in our simple, but sacred, highlowaha tradition.  Today is the eighteenth day of the month and, as promised, we will use this day to reflect on the month's highs, lows, and ahas.

For those of you new to Highlowaha, we engage in this tradition as a way of acknowledging the very meaning of our blog's name and purpose.  Under girding Highlowaha is the premise that there are innumerable simple and creative things we can do with our family and friends to slow down the fast paced world in which we are living.  Coming together to share the high points, low points, and lessons learned is one such example.

So, I will start by sharing mine and then hopefully all of you will follow.  Last month we started something new.  Anyone who posts their high, low, and aha will have his/her name put in a drawing to receive a Highlowaha t-shirt.

Before I start... here is the completed Mad Lib from yesterday.  The words in red are those contributed by our readers.  Enjoy...

"Voting Made Easy as One, Two, Three"

Here are some very old instructions on how to vote, brought to you by the Citizens for Changing Awareness:
  • Step 1: Sign in with one of the snakes at the registration table.  You may have to show them your apple to prove your identity.
  • Step 2: Proceed fiercely to an available brainstorming booth.  (Be sure to close the fire truck behind you so no one can watch you jump.
  • Step 3: How you vote varies from earthling to unicorn.  In some states, you curl by pulling a football with your pinky toe.  In others, you must mark a ballot by placing a "B" in a small store opposite your candidate's dog.
Holy Crabby Patties you will cry.  "Voting's as easy as cheese!"  So be sure to devour on Election Day, because every craft store counts.

Consider this warm up to the blog-a-thon scheduled for Friday, October 24 (Have you signed up for a time yet?).

Now for my high, low, and aha...
  • High: Thoughtful gestures on my 43rd birthday; getting to work with students some this month and being reminded of how much I love it; fall weather; talking to my sister for the first time in a while.
  • Low: Tense relationships; the global economy; and arguing with Weirs (a local furniture store) about dissatisfaction with our kitchen table.
  • Aha: I'm impatient with injustices; if the metal fastener of an envelope is showing, the post office will charge you more for mailing (cover it with tape); Liquid Nails is a better adhesive than Guerrilla Glue when trying to adhere metal to a tile surface.
Signing off until... tomorrow!  I couldn't very well leave you hanging without a "t" on "Fest." 

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