Monday, October 27, 2008

Do Over

A few years ago a good friend of mine called to vent about the a less-than-perfect attempt her husband made at celebrating her birthday.  No forethought, no dinner plans, no nothing.  In fact - if my memory serves me correctly, her husband even scheduled a minor medical treatment for that weekend (but not so minor that he wouldn't be laid up for a couple of days).  We agreed her best course of action was not to come completely unhinged, but instead to simply inform him he was being granted a "do-over."  The "do-over" is recognition that what's done is done and that sometimes things don't go as planned.  Rather than dwelling on past imperfections, a do-over focuses on the opportunity to make things right in the future.

Today I want a do-over.  Actually I need two do-overs.

First, I need a do-over of Saturday night's Random Acts of Kindness Party.  By most accounts the party was a success.  Everyone expected was able to attend.  The table was chock FULL of treats, the food was good, friendships were being forged, and, by my estimation, 34 random acts of kindness were boxed up and made ready for delivery.  But, I have notta one picture to share with you!  UGH!  I took my memory card out of my camera on Saturday morning to post the picture of Matthew in his Batman costume and, in all the confusion, I forgot to put it back in my camera.  Not one picture of all the fun treats, vibrant colors, impressive packaging, and smiling faces.  I am so frustrated!

So... you'll have to take my word for it, unless Heather, Cheryl, Erica, or any of the other participants who are visiting today, wants to chime in.

That is my first do-over.  Now the second.  

The Blog-a-thon that never happened.  If you tuned in last week, you might already know the Blog-a-thon Do-over is planned for Wednesday, November 5.  You might also have heard we are shortening the length of the Blog-a-thon, so that it will only last twelve hours - as opposed to the originally planned twenty-for hours.  The Do-Over Blog-a-thon will run from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m... CENTRAL STANDARD TIME!

Of course the down side to the re-vamped schedule is that, rather than raising close to $1,500.00, we will -at best - raise $720.00 for the Helping Hand family we adopted this holiday season.  For more about the service project, please click on Helping Hands listed in the top right hand corner of our blog (under #218's Hot Spots). 

The real beauty of this do-over is that in addition to my getting a second chance, so do all of YOU!!!  If you were unable to sign up for the original Blog-a-thon, hopefully the new schedule will work for you (and your friends).  Highlowaha is seeking 48 people - each to sign up for one 15-minute block of time.  During that 15-minute period of time, blog-a-thon participants will help compose a scary story.  It does not mean participants must write for the full 15 minutes, it just means that at some point during your designated 15-minute period of time, you must contribute something to the story. 

A reminder of how the Blog-a-thon will serve as a fundraiser.  Ideally, each of the 48 participants will acquire a minimum of one sponsorship for $1.00 per minute.  Again, if each participant was successful we could raise $720.00 for the family.  If $1.00 per minute is too much, we will take whatever your sponsor considers doable.  Checks should be sent to me, so I can reconcile the money and send Tera one money order for the total amount.  My mailing address is 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, Texas 76051.  

  • Blog-a-thon: Sign up for your 15-minute time slot by posting a comment under today's comment section.  I will add to the master calendar which you can view by clicking on Blog-a-thon (located in the top right, under 218 Hot Spots).  When you make a post with your ideal time, please remember we are scheduling people based on CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.  Please calculate the time difference when you post your requested time.
  • Pumpkin Patch:  Remember to send CSPgrad a picture of your carved pumpkin by Wednesday, October 29 at 5:00 p.m.  On Friday we will host a Pumpkin Carving Contest.  All participants will receive a pumpkin patch for your Patchwork denim.  See the post titled, Patchwork 8/7, for more details.  The winner of the Pumpkin Carving Contest will receive a fun Halloween accessory to give you a jump on next year.
  • Making Good: Between bobbing for apples and a couple other contests, I feel like I need to assure I am making good on all my promises.  Check this out and tell me if I've left you out.  I think everyone who is waiting to receive something from me has, EXCEPT... Brian you are waiting for your apple of quotes.  Cassie you are waiting for your cookies. Heather I still need to conduct an act of kindness in your name.  Amy your random act was performed last week when I left a painted pot of baked goods for a fellow "swim mom."  Nicole, one of my Random Act of Kindness packages from Saturday night will be sent in honor of YOU!
  • Countdown to the Super Bowl:  The secret ingredient for this week's showdown is the peanut.  Good luck to Treye and Melanie who will duking it out... along with Green Bay and the Chicago Bears.  
Now let's hope this Monday gets off to a good start, so I don't need yet another do-over.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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