Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Fest: "F" is for...

Sponsored by the letter "F," today Highlowaha will continue our week-long celebration of our favorite things to love about fall.  Today we celebrate the great American tradition of fall festivals.  

Check out the names of just a few of the festivals being hosted in towns around the country this month.
Pumpkin Festival
Fall Foliage Festival
Celtic Festival
Farm Fall Festival
New Yorker Festival
Fall Wine Festival
Balloon Festival
Great American Beer Festival
Harvest Festival 
Jazz Festival
Wooly Worm Festival
Children's Film Festival
Medieval Festival
Fall Harvest and and Seafood Festival
Family Festival by the Sea
Maritime Festival
Folkart and Farm Festival
Wildwood Festival
Bellmorre Street Festival

and, the object of our celebration today...

The Highlowaha Apple Festival!  When asked on Monday to share what words beginning with the letter "A" - other than acorn - conjured up fond fall memories, quite a few of you said "apples."  

I figured today we could celebrate apples by sharing our favorite recipes, crafts, and other creative uses for the fruit.  Or, if you're all tapped out on ideas, but you want to share something with our fun highlowaha family, let us know your preference when it comes to apples... soft or hard, red or green, skin or no skin, etc...?

And, what kind of Highlowaha Apple Festival would this be if we didn't go...
Highlowaha Style

Here's how it will work.  There are 41 apples to be retrieved.  Each person will pluck one apple from the tub, assigning it a number between 1-41.  Once an apple has been taken, it is no longer up for grabs.  There is a treat (or a BAD apple) associated with each number.  Post your number and discover treat hidden within your apple.  It would be a shame to have apples unclaimed, so let's see if we can get 41 people to play.

Signing off until tomorrow...    

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