Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The A-Zs of Packaging: K-O

For those just tuning in, two questions.  First, where have you been? Second, do you have a glue gun?  If the answer to question #2 is, "No," then go directly to yesterday's post.  Do not pass "go.".   Do not collect $200.00.  Immediately log off, head straight for Michael's craft store (or something like it) and purchase yourself a hot glue gun.  You'll be a better equipped and I'll sleep better.

In honor of my Eighteenth Annual Random Acts of Kindness party, scheduled for this Saturday at 6:00, we are spending the week celebrating the art of packaging.  As noted yesterday, if you're in town and want to drop by, feel free.  The more the merrier.  Have no idea what I am talking about?  Check out the pictures below and read more about the idea on the post dated 2/20/08 (the pictures below, by the way, are from Amy's party hosted last weekend).

Yesterday we explored items such as foam shapes, the essential glue gun, hole punches, HLA labels (love it) initiating ideas to spark our innovative packaging, and above all... Tera's suggestion that a little bit of "F"un should be included in each package we make.

Today we move on to letters K-O.  As always, feel free to share some of your favorite products, beginning with the corresponding letters.  As for my top packaging picks of the day... here they are: 
  • K: Krinkle:  This is the point in the week when things really get fun.  We've revealed enough packaging products that we can begin mixing and matching to get the full effect of how, when these items are used in concert, we can improve the presentations of our packages... exponentially!  Krinkle is one example of this.  Cellophane, combined with foam cut outs, combined with krinkle can work wonders.  Incidentally, there are two kinds of Krinkle (sometimes called Shred).  There is matte, paper-like form of Krinkle and then there is the shimmery, more metallic-like version.  I like the matte, paper version if I am wrapping in brown paper (it feels more earthy) and the more metallic-like krinkle for just about everything else.  More on that below, as krinkle will be today's featured item.
  • L: Labels:  If time was not an issue I would always cut out a fun shape on which to write the address of the person receiving my package.  It doesn't take that much longer, but it makes the package seem more fun from the outset.  Take a look at AZLori and Peggy's packages to hit the mail later today.  Another source of fun labels can be images from old wrapping paper.  At the end of the holiday season, I love to cut shapes out of the paper in anticipation of using them as gift tags/labels the next year (I store them with my wrapping paper).

  • M: Michael's, Magazines and Mod Podge:  If I've said it once, I've said it a million times... you should NEVER have to pay full price for a craft supply.  Michael's typically issues a weekly coupon for a 40% discount on the item of your choice (sometimes 50%).  Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics does it too.  The only "M"-related thing I might like more than that is the combination of Magazines and Mod Podge.  Come to think of it... I like it, but CSPgrad has perfected it as an art.  I will let her share some of the ways she uses Mod Podge and magazines.  Take it away, Katie.
  • N: Notecards: Unless you're Peggy, who can whip up a great looking card in a snap, good notecards are hard to find, but boy can they make a difference when sending a package.  You can have a great looking package, but if you cap it off with a note scribbled on a post-it note, you have undermined your good work up to that point.  Target carries a block of notecards and matching envelopes.  They aren't great looking, but with a sticker or a fun hole punch in the top, the notecard can finish the package off nicely.  For those of you into fashion, not crafts... think of it this way.  It would be as though you were sporting a beautiful, well coordinated new outfit, but on your feet were old, scuffed, and dull shoes.  Notecards are like the "toe" of dressing nicely from "head to toe."
  • O: O Shaped Paper:  Speaking of paper and Target... they also sell round pieces of paper that I use for either quick notes or mailing labels (when I don't have time to cut a shape).  They are different enough that they keep you package feeling special.  Look how easy!
Today's Featured Item:  Krinkle.

The item... fun Halloween socks, per one of your Friday suggestions

Pre krinkle and post krinkle
(though I must admit... the pictures are not doing the post pictures justice!)

That's it for today.  Tomorrow, letters P-T.

Signing off until tomorrow...  

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