Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Fest: "E" is for...


"Elections," you ask?  Of all the words I could choose to represent today - the sixth day of highlowaha's celebration of Fall Fest - why would I pick elections?  There are, after all, other viable words beginning with the letter "E" from which I could choose.  We could celebrate the wonders of Mother Earth; revel in Exercising in the great outdoors; reminisce about beautiful fall Engagements, since Richard and I have our anniversary on November 13; acknowledge the recent Autumnal Equinox; share funny Halloween Epitahs; or even spend one more day dwelling on one of my favorites... Espresso.

As tired of political ads, yard signs, newspaper editorials, and news coverage as we might be, November Elections are an American tradition.  No... an American privilege... and this important privilege, so closely associated with the fall season, warrants our recognition.  

My parents taught me well and cautioned me about the dangers of talking politics, so I will tread lightly.  I suspect, however, that there is some common ground.  Regardless of political affiliation, I I can't imagine that each of us doesn't have a few "choice words" we would like to share after so many days of political campaigning.

That's exactly what I am counting on...

Today, in recognition of Fall Fest - our celebration of things we love about fall - we are going to play a round of Mad Libs.  The story we are completing comes from a book of Mad Libs titled, "Mad Libs for President."  All you'll need to play are a few "choice words."  Here is how it will go...

I will post the first type of word for which we are searching (ie. noun, adverb, adjective, etc...).   A reader will reply by posting his/her choice of word.  Then I will post the second type of word for which we are searching.  A second reader will post his/her choice.  We will do that until all 20 words are identified.  Then I will plug them into the paragraph and post the final story. 

How 'bout it?  A little comic relief at an otherwise tense time in our nation's history?  

The title of our story is... "Voting Made Easy as One, Two, Three."

Our Mad Lib title is especially appropriate, because there are two other things on which we need to vote today.
  • First, what will the score be of this weekend's Packer game?  Place your vote and, if your final score comes closest, you will win a gold patch for your Patchwork Denim.  Also, don't forget to cheer on Maureen and Katie who had the difficult task of incorporating Nutmeg into their recipes.
  • Second.  Next week we have a fun week ahead of us.  In preparation, I need a list of 5 random items that cost $5.00 or less.  Cast your vote.
And finally... the first word we need for our Mad Libs game is... an adjective.

Signing off until... later, when I post the final story.

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