Saturday, October 11, 2008

If You Could...

Before I finish the question, a few important notes.

We don't gather on Sundays, so when a special day falls on a Sunday we either miss it or we celebrate early.  Normally, maybe less than ideal, but through the power and magic of newly established Birthday Eve... no problem at all.

Happy Birthday Eve, Heather! 
10+12+8 = 30.  That won't work.  
Heather is a young friend and hasn't hit 30 yet.
1+0+1+2+8=12!  There it is!  The actual date of Heather's big day.
Confirmation that numbers can say whatever you need!

As was noted a few times on Wednesday, when we whacked the wonderful idea of Birthday Eves, this is a great time to recall all that is notable about the current year, before launching a new one.  So, Heather... here are a few...
  • Being offered you great new job at UTA, among a pool of competitive candidates.
  • Moving your family from Kentucky to Texas and settling in... seemingly effortlessly.
  • Being nominated for New Professional of the Year, for our professional association.
  • Being an extraordinary mother to your daughter Lily for another 365 days.
  • Providing Highlowaha our symbolic connection to the number #218, with your great whack from months ago.
Not too shabby of a year.  Move forward knowing you made the most of last year!

One of Heather's greatest strengths is that she is able to remain calm, even when every thing around her is chaotic.  In fact, It was Heather who, when we worked together, established the great Twelve-Minute Rule - the notion that all we really needed was twelve minutes to meet any important deadline (a topic for another day).

So, it isn't surprising that yesterday, amidst nursing Lily who has pneumonia and preparing for a week long visit from her in-laws, Heather made time to snap this picture of a cute Halloween accessory.  It was, after all, part of yesterday's Free For All activities and Heather is conscientious with a capital "C."
Agreed, the shoes are adorable.  And I especially like that they are only $5.00!

Heather, Nicole, Cristine, Layne, and Cheryl truly played along with yesterday's Free For All and recommended a specific Halloween tricks or treat.  As promised one of you was to receive a Halloween treat in the mail from me.  And the winner is...

Layne!  I love this on two levels.  First, she told us about newly manufactured Candy Corn Hershey Kisses (always a good thing), and second... Layne has never won one of our contests.
I will mail it Monday, Layne.

Speaking of winners...  Nutmeg beat Candy Corn by three votes yesterday (8-5).  Good luck Maureen and Katie.  We'll be interested to see what each of you comes up with.

Finally...  back to "If you could..."  I find I enjoy using Saturdays to pose thoughtful questions about every day life.  Last week it was about working on having a "yes" reflex, as opposed to a well-developed, "no" reflex.  Another week it was about the simplicity of breakfast in bed and another about the fun (and ease) in actually stopping what you are doing and making time to fill the request of a child.

Months ago I received a postcard from a good friend and it has been posted in my office space ever since.  The postcard reads...

If you could open a door to anywhere, where would you go?

Let's use the weekend to think about and answer this question.  I'm really curious to hear responses.

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