Friday, August 1, 2008

Free For All Friday:

Whoa... sorry I'm late today.  I got a late start.

A couple of announcements and then it's off to Free For All Friday...
  • Create-a-Flavor Contest:  So here's how the contest went down.  Richard voted for Maureen's Cappuccino Biscotti.  I voted for Cassie's Chocolate Masterpiece and Ricky voted for Lori's Vanilla with caramel, chocolate, chocolate covered (something... you left that part out), plain waffle cone bits, and pecans.  Matthew who is four idolizes his brother.  So... Matthew voted for, "whatever flavor Ricky picked."  That makes Lori the winner!  Thanks for all the great ideas everyone.  We actually generated some really good ideas.
  • Ketel One:  To all of you who thought there was no difference between the bottles, I agree.  I think the genius of the ad is precisely that.  No differences between the ads assures we - the general public - will pour over the picture for long periods of time... just to make sure.  Richard thinks I'm wrong and was emphatic about contacting the company to resolve.  I suspect the fact that he never came back to say, "I told you so" means he finally saw the light.

Onward and upward...  It's the time of day when I turn the blog over to you the readers.  Post a question, share something creative you've seen, or answer a question posed.  I have two items to get us started.  
  • National Friendship Day:  I have this listed in my calendar as being Saturday, August 2.  A good friend of mine recently sent an email indicating that TODAY is National Girlfriend's Day.  Either way... it is time for us to celebrate our friendships.  Let's use part of today's Free for All generating a list of things we could do to honor/celebrate our friends.  Don't worry you found out too late to act on any of the suggestions.  I ascribe to the belief that when, for instance, you write a birthday card ON someones birthday it is just as special as their receiving the card on their birthday.  The same will apply with any gesture made on National Friendship Day.
  • Down with K.I.S.S.:  I can't stand it.  All week I've been looking at Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's titles and cringing.  The title is not fun or funny and the colon immediately following the period is either a grammatical mess or a graphic train wreck.  Help me develop a new name for my "Scrap-Journaling" system, so I can change the titles. 
Signing off until tomorrow...

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