Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Football Frenzy

Yesterday the start of school and today football.  Yes, fall is in the air.

I couldn't help but notice, a couple of weeks ago, the friendly banter going back and forth between highlowaha readers about who the winning football team would be this season.  I was entertained and intrigued.  I'm a college football girl.... sort of.  I'm a college football girl... so long as the Arizona State Sun Devils or Georgia Bulldogs are playing.  Other than watching those two teams, I can usually find something else I would rather be doing.

Have I mentioned, by the way, I don't know a technical thing about the game.  That means I never really know what's going on, until a touchdown happens (I'm sure I just lost some credibility).

None of that stops me from loving football season and, this year, finding a creative way that we - the creative readership of highlowaha - can get off the bench and participate.  So here it is... the next opportunity for you to show your stuff.  Have NO fear.  This is not a ten-day decathlon, nor will it require the same level of involvement.  The name of the game here is... be the kicker.  When your turn is up, put your best foot forward.  Introducing...

Half Time Throw Down
A joint venture between 
Highlowaha.com and Struble Suds.com

This will be a battle of football snacks.  Fourteen lucky Highlowaha readers will have the chance to go head to head creating the ultimate snack food.  Beat your opponent and move on to the next bracket.  Make it to the end and you will be named Highlowaha Super Bowl Champion 2009.

Now onto Struble Suds...  Cristine is a somewhat regular reader of highlowaha and Matt, her husband, was first introduced to our blog in May when he won Blog Master for a Day.  He used his guest feature to showcase all the reasons we ought to celebrate May 1.  Matt and Cristine are the CONSUMMATE football fans.  So much so, they had a literal bar constructed in their basement, allowing neighbors, friends, and family members to gather and watch Green Bay Packer Football.  A literal bar.

So here's what we're going to do.  Our world is going to meet theirs.  Highlowaha readers will get weekly glimpses into the bar where everybody knows your name, in exchange for the seasoned taste buds of some die hard football fans.  On designated weeks, highlowaha competitors will enter a snack to be judged by Matt and Cristine's bar flies.

To assure an audience, we will follow the Green Bay Packer Football Season.  Before claiming one of the 14 spots, check out the details.
  • A maximum of fourteen participants can compete.  I would love if some lurkers would consider using this as a chance to jump in.
  • Two competitors a week will submit a snack.  Bar flies at Struble Suds will judge which of the two snacks they liked more.
  • The winner of each week will advance to a future bracket.  The number of times you would be required to submit a snack is determined by how far you advance in the season.  The number of submissions will range from one to four (for the Super Bowl champion).
  • Each week highlowaha readers will vote on a "secret ingredient" that must somehow be incorporated in your snack submission.
  • All snack submissions must be able to be served in a BOWL.
  • Matt and Cristine are willing to do minimal prep work on your behalf.  Struble Suds has a refrigerator and a microwave.  If it can't be done using one of those two things, settle on a new entry.
  • Snacks will be mailed to the Struble residence, in time for the game to which you are assigned.
  • The following day, Matt (or Cristine) will play Monday Morning Quarterback, letting us know how the snacks stacked up and who was named the weekly winner.
  • Weekly winners will receive a football patch for their Patchwork Jeans (or jacket).
  • The Super Bowl Champion will be presented with a custom-made, hand painted highlowaha super snack bowl!
In the upcoming days a page of frequently asked questions and answers will be posted.  Now the dates up for grabs.  Remember, we need to competitors per date.  
  • Monday, September 8
  • Sunday, September 21
  • Sunday, October 5
  • Sunday, October 19
  • Sunday, November 16
  • Sunday, November 30
  • Sunday, December 7
Wanna check out our home away from home for the next few months?  Go to www. strublesuds.com  

No time like the present to start generating ideas for secret ingredients.  My husband insists men should weigh in on this process, as we can't risk 13 straight weeks of ingredients such as m&m's, Snow caps, and yogurt covered pretzels.  Poll neighbors, colleagues, neighbors, and spouses.  Make sure we end the day with a healthy (as in robust, not...food-pyramid-approved) list of potential secret ingredients.  

I'm excited.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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