Monday, August 11, 2008

Decathlon Day #1: Create-a-Caption

Day #1

Today marks the first day of our Highlowaha Decathlon.  The playing field is 100% level.  At this very moment in time, the gold can go to anyone - frequent flier or loyal lurker. Jump right in and let yourself compete.

While our Beijing counterparts prepare for the 100 Meter Dash - their first of ten events - you are preparing to make us laugh.  Below is an old cartoon from the New Yorker Magazine.  Provide three captions for the cartoon, asterisking the one you would like to submit for competition against your fellow Highlowaha teammates.   
Decathlon Rules of play:
  • Submissions must be received no later than 10:00 p.m. CST.  The winners of today's event and decathlete standings will be posted late Tuesday evening and then again on Wednesday morning.
  • To compete for title of Highlowaha Decathlon Champion, you must compete in all 10 events.
  • The Highlowaha Decathlon Champion is based on an aggregate score.
The Un-Sportsman-Like Olympic Trivia Question of the Day:
What injury did President Bush have that was noticeable from the stands? 

  • Creative Idea A Day: My blog is based on the promise of a creative idea a day.  I feel the need to at least address how our two week decathlon - though somewhat of a departure from our normal fare - still offers up some creative thought.  Consider using these events (or your own variations) to host your own olympics with family or friends.  Or, use the ideas independent of anything olympic related to challenge your own creativity.
  • Taste of USA:  Our roster of participants is growing.  So far we have confirmation from Tera, Julie, Heidi, Amy, Claudia, Cheryl, and our latest addition... Katie (cspgrad).  Maureen is a maybe, but with a little bit of encouragement from us, I think we can convert her "maybe" to a "YES!".  Who will confirm next?  Come on... keep 'em rolling in.  Brian?  What about you?
  • Make Your Mark Campaign:  Thank you Katie, D.C., Peggy, and Katie from Kentucky for being the FIRST FOUR to mail in your Make You Mark teacher stories.
  • Patchwork: I have an idea.  I have, in my hot little hands, five Make Your Mark patches.  They will go to the first five people who can collect five teacher stories from friends, neighbors, or colleagues and mail them to me (along with the $5.00 to accompany each story).  My mailing address is 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, Texas 76051.
Signing off until tomorrow...

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