Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Time Thursday

Some of your may remember, in an effort to teach Matthew the days of the week, I have affectionately named each. Monday is Munchkin Monday (we love donuts). Tuesday is Cartoon Tuesday; Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday; Thursday is Three Time Thursday; Friday is Fun in a Box Friday; Saturday is Sleep In Saturday (wishful thinking); and Sunday is of course... Ice Cream Sundae (for more about these, check out posts dated 2/25 - 3/2).

Today I take advantage of Three Time Thursday - the day we do things in threes. I have three items of business to cover. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Make Your Mark: This is my last ditch effort. You wouldn't respect me if I faded slowly into the sunset and just let this issue drop. Would you? Here's the thing. Today I was getting my hair cut and while killing time I read Shape Magazine (a girl can dream , can't she?). Below is snippet found in the bottom right hand side of page 34.
5. The number of dollars it takes to buy happiness. The catch: You need to spend it on someone else, according to a recent study in the journal Science. This small gift of generosity brings more joy into your life than purchasing something you want for yourself. So take a friend out for coffee or a smoothie - spending that time together will boost your mood all the more.
Coincidence? I don't think so. So please, please consider taking 15 minutes out of your day and typing me a short paragraph about a teacher who has impacted your life. Send your paragraph along with $5.00 to Claudia K. Beeny, 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, Texas 76051. We'll send your inspiring story, along with a package of Crayola Markers, to an unsuspecting teacher somewhere in the country. Stories and markers will be packaged up this weekend and mailed on Monday.

Countdown to Super Bowl: It seems we have firmly secured 12 people in our Countdown to the Superbowl: Half-Time Snack Throw Down. Here's what the line-up looks like so far...
  • Richard v. Brian, September 8
  • Stacie v. Tera, September 21
  • Nicole v. Julie, October 5
  • Katie v. Maureen, October 19
  • Melanie v Treye, November 16
  • Heather v. ?, November 30
  • Cheryl v. ?, December 7
As you can see we have two dates open right now. November 30 and December 7. Who will be the engaged members of our Highlowaha community to sign up first? Cassie, Kat, Sue, Montana, or Boone, N.C.? Jump right in and help create some Highlowaha fun! Lurkers, my offer from Monday still stands.

Helping Hand: Please take a second to read the post Heather left on Helping Hand yesterday (just click on Helping Hand in top right hand corner of my blog). She brings up some excellent points with regard to the service project that the Highlowaha community has committed to doing this holiday season. My biggest take away... to truly help a family in need, we need to think as much about what is important to such a family, as we do the gestures that will make us feel good.

Also, regardless of whether or not we are able to settle on a particular family this week... we can begin fund raising or conducting a "drive" for general items all families might benefit from (money for groceries, household items). Then, once we settle on a a family (or families), we can finish off our effort with "gifts" for the family members.

Finally, we can think big as suggested by Toni last week and Heather this week. Maybe we can consider a family somewhere in Northern Kentucky, a family in the Dallas area, and a family somewhere else in the country.

Visit the Helping Hand post and let your voice be heard.

I wish I could deliver on a more exciting post today, but we have lots of business at hand and somewhere along the line we have to square up on details. Is that the case or do I just run hot and cold? Hmmmm...

Signing off until tomorrow...

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