Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Decathlon Day #3: Lunch with Yin and Yang

Decathlete Standings listed below, under announcements.

Day #3
Lunch with Yin and Yang

While we won't whack anything today, I think I've figured out a way we can invite von Oech to participate in our olympic fun.  But first... an overview.
Today's competition will loosely relate to the Chinese concept of yin and yang. Samantha Austin's book, China: Secret of the Dragon explains that while both yin and yang are opposites, they are energies that complement and rely upon each other, constantly in motion and flux.  Yin is associated with the night, darkness, the moon and women, whereas yang is associated with day, lightness, the sun and men.

Our friend von Oech discusses an idea loosely related to yin and yang.  He advocates for the idea of "cross-fertilization.  He suggests that some of the best ideas come from cutting across disciplinary boundaries and looking into other fields.  Author, von Oech challenges readers to consider what advances could be made if, for instance, a bull fighter and a gardener brainstormed over lunch.

I wonder the same thing.  What new innovation would await us if seemingly opposite people sat down to lunch and brainstormed?  Having said all of that, here is today's challenge....

In consultation with your lunch mates - Ying and Yang - innovate the next best craft supply to hit stores before Christmas.  Our judges will vote on which innovation they would most likely purchase.  Innovations must include a product name and description.

Today's Unsportsmen-like Trivia Question of the Day:
While winning his fourth gold medal of the 2008 Olympics, the commentator mentioned that Michael Phelp's mother did what as her job?

Make Your Mark:  Imagine my excitement when I arrived at my mailbox this afternoon and found an envelope filled with FOUR favorite teacher stories from Maureen.  Then Cheryl showed up at my doorstep with the fifth story of my day.  I think that gives us a total of 10 stories.  Only 90 more to go and ten days to go.  That means an average of nine a day.  Have you written your story yet?  See below.
Patchwork: Earn a Make Your Mark patch for your jeans by gathering five Make Your Mark stories from friends, colleagues, or neighbors and mail them to me (along with $5.00 per story, to cover makers, postage, and mailing envelope).  Mail stories to me at Claudia K. Beeny, 4012 Harvestwood Court, Grapevine, Texas, 76051.
Click on:  When logging on today you might have noticed the three new links on the top right hand side of our blog.  Hopefully the links will allow you to easily access information about our highlowaha book club (Reading Raynbows), our Christmas service project (Helping Hands), and our trip to Philly (Taste of USA). 
Decathlete Standings:  For the purposes of our decathlon, the LOWER the score the HIGHER your standings!  Names are listed in ascending order from first place to last.  Remember, this is the first of TEN events.  Anything is still possible.
Julie 6.0
Jamie 6.3
Stacie 7.0
AZLori 7.0
Kat 7.7
Tera 8.0
Cassie 8.0
Mike 9.3
Cheryl 11.3
Ashlee 11.7
EKnox 11.7
BKRoot 12.3
Creighton 12.3
Cristine 13.3
cspgrad 14.0
peggy 14.3
Cassie P.  14.3
Heather 14.7
Britcole 14.7
Melanie 14.7
Matt 15.3

As Prize #1, Julie wins the first of 10 Asian patches, meaning "prosperity," 

Signing off until tomorrow...

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