Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Licks

Matthew and Rick getting their last licks!

Oooohhhhh... the bummer of it all.  Today marks the last day of July... the official end of National Ice cream month!  True, true... I don't limit my consumption of ice cream to the month of July, but still, it was such convenient rationale.

Give me something to look forward to.  Today we'll bring closure to National Ice Cream Month by looking ahead and dreaming up the future of ice cream.  Concoct a flavor so good, so yummy that come Wednesday, July 1, 2009, my ice cream maker and I will be ready to roll.  Tonight my family and I will vote on the flavor we are most excited to taste and the winner will receive a "Beeny Favorite" ice cream accessory.

Now you.  What creative activity will you engage in to celebrate the last hours of this day?  Take a colleague for ice cream over lunch hour?  Hold a contest guessing the number of licks required to eat a popsicle?  Surprise a neighbor with a gift certificate to a local ice cream shop?  Or how about kill two birds with one stone, by celebrating the end of National Ice Cream Month AND Christmas in July and treating your family to a Dairy Queen BLIZZARD!

Now from one of my vices to one of Richard's vices....  
The advertisement above appears in the August edition of Bon Appetit.  Maybe you can help me and Richard settle a score.  We have differing opinions about the advertisement's challenge to identify five differences between the bottles.  Tell us what you think (Incidentally, this is the first month a picture of the bottle has ever been featured in one of their ads.  Up to this point the advertisements have simply been black words on a white page).

We'll sign off for today.  I want you to start resting and gathering energy.  One week from today is the eve of something BIG! 

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