Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Decathlon Day #2: ChampionCHIP Bake-Off

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Today is the most elaborate of the ten events and your creation is NOT due today.  I am introducing it early in the competition to assure decathletes have plenty of time to participate. Read on!

Day #2
ChampionCHIP Bake-Off  

According to S. Austin, author of China: Secrets of the Dragon
"The kitchen in China is the center of the household: it is the space where the family gathers and where the most concern and energy is devoted to when building a home.  In traditional China, a household is defined through the stove and, thus, through the kitchen, food, and eating.  Those who share a stove are considered family and likewise, those who are considered  to be family are considered so precisely because they share the household stove.... Hence, food is the center of home life in China and is that which binds family members to each household."
So, today's challenge is a test of your creativity... in the kitchen.  We, after all, are like family.

For Highlowaha Decathlon Event #2, you must create a baked good.  Three stipulations.  
  • First.  Your entry must include one secret ingredient: Nestle Toll house Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips.  
  • Second.  Your item must be delivered (mailed or hand delivered) no later than noon on Thursday, August 21.  An extended panel of judges will convene at my home beginning at 7:00 p.m. to taste and evaluate your creations.  If you are mailing from out of town, a postmark of Monday, August 18 will have your package here on time
  • Third.  Your "batch" should feed a minimum of eight judges (who might need a second taste to assure it's as yummy as they thought the first time!).  I am not a judge, so peanuts are welcome!
Important Reminder:  In order to compete as a decathlete you must have an entry in all ten events.  If you are short on time, stay in the game by submitting a batch of pre-made Nestle Toll house Cookies.   Remember, you do not have to place in the top of all ten events in order to win.  Similarly, if you want to bake your entry early and deliver it this week, I will freeze your entry and then pull it out of the freezer next Thursday. 

Let us know you're out there today, by telling us which camp you come from... crunchy chocolate chip cookies or soft.  Me?  Crunchy all the way.

The Un-sportsmen Like Trivia Question of the Day:
The sports caster of Women's Volleyball announced last night that Misty May did what four years ago after winning the gold medal?

  • Patchwork: Remember, you can earn a patch for you Patchwork jeans just by gathering five statements from friends, colleagues, or neighbors describing their favorite teacher.  Mail them to me in an envelope with $5.00 per letter (to cover cost of markers, mailing envelope, and postage) and I will mail you your patch.
  • Taste of USA: Katie recruited a friend and prospective highlowaha reader to join us in Philly.  We are looking forward to meeting Nicole. 
  • Correspondent Update: Alden and Amy made their first post.  Check it out... http://aainbeijing.blogspot.com/2008/08at-airport.html
Signing off until tomorrow...

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