Friday, August 29, 2008

Free For All Friday

A special hello to E.W., a friend who I hope will become a frequent reader.  I've told her about our fun community, so make me proud and give her a big welcome.  While I am at it, welcome Boone, North Carolina.  I love that we have a reader from Boone - a beautiful place. 

Today is Free For All Friday, but first an important spotlight on the person responsible for sewing the Back to School Table Cloth I showcased on Monday (8/25).  The same tablecloth, I might add, that I am giving away to a lucky Highlowaha reader on Monday.  Want a crack at winning it?  Check out Monday's (8/25) post to find out how.

I love excellence.  I love meeting people who are excellent at what they do... whatever that is.  Julie sent me a video yesterday of a grocery store bagger who made it his business to be an EXCELLENT grocery bagger.  He thoughtfully placed inspiring quotes in customers' bags each day that he was scheduled to work.  Eventually customers caught on and sought to check out only in his aisle, even if it meant waiting longer than necessary.  Eventually, employees in other departments were motivated to improve the quality of their service, ultimately transforming the grocery store.  That is the power of excellence.

Christi Cooper is that kind of excellent.  Christi is the woman who volunteered to teach me how to sew while working on a Back To School tablecloth for me and for one lucky Highlowaha reader.  Cassie mentioned Christi was a hard worker, but in no way did I imagine the M*E*T*I*C*U*L*O*U*S work that Christi produced.  Mind you, I am no seamstress.  But, I know excellence when I see it and I think you'll agree.  The craftsmanship is beautiful!

The other most notable thing about Christi?  She is the epitome of humble.  She is excellent, not because of the attention it will get her, but because excellence is who she is at her core.

Here's the good news... Christi has a small collection of things she is willing to make in her free time -albeit limited with three children.  So, if you're organized, like our fellow reader Sue, and you've already started your Christmas shopping, consider ordering something custom made by Christi.  Two items she makes frequently for friends and as baby shower gifts are pictured below.

The first are baby blocks made of fabric and the second picture is obviously a shirt with a handmade applique. If you would like to inquire about any of the items, please feel free to contact Christi at 

Now for Free For All Friday...

So, whadda ya wanna talk about?  Today I have absolutely ZERO agenda items.

Newcomers... need a gift idea, hosting a party, looking for ideas about how to organize?  Pose your question here, today on Free For All Friday.  The impressive and collective creativity of our readership will weigh in.

T.G.I.F.  Signing off until tomorrow...

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