Monday, August 4, 2008

An Olympic-Sized Celebration

10 Events; 10 Winners
5 Days to Go!
We will kick off the opening of the Olympics on 
Friday 8.08.08 at 8:00 p.m.  
In honor of Beijing - the host city - I am organizing the blog's first ever 
Join me and the rest of our loyal viewers for Chinese takeout food from your favorite restaurant and front row seats, in your living room, for the 
Opening Ceremonies
XXIX Olympic Games
As much as I would love to stop here and begin getting ready for the festivities, there is too much happening and we have WAY too much ground to cover this week.  If you are a newcomer to our site... hang on tight.  We are fun group, busy, and always welcoming.  It won't be long before you want to jump right in and get in on the action.

Announcements at the end...

We're going to be busy for the next few weeks.  Trust me.  I have some fun in store for us, but it means you'll want your mind (and schedule) to be as clear as possible.  With a blink of the eye it will be the end of August and Grandparents Day will be around the corner.  No self respecting member of the highlowaha community can whip out some shoddy, last minute Grandparents Day treat for people as important as these.  So, mark you calendar now.  Sunday, September 7, 2008 is Grandparents Day and today we're going to look ahead at some creative gift ideas.  That will be one more thing you can tick off your list of important things to do.

I like frameworks.  They help reign me in and keep you from wondering what - if any - method there is to my madness.  Today's framework?  Why grandparents, of course.  We will look at creative gift ideas by delving into each of the word's twelve letters.

Get together for a game of golf.
Rally the family to help with a renovation.
Appear on the front door step with an apple pie... and wearing an apron.
No neckties or needlepoint!  Name a star after them.
Digitize their old photos.
Purchase and plant one of their favorite trees.
Ask and audio-archive the answers to 50 questions.
Replace something worn out.
Establish a new family tradition in their honor.
Notify their local paper and place a newsworthy ad.
Take a picture holding a message of thanks.
Subscribe them to a magazine or a fruit of the month delivery.

But why stop there?  We are highlowaha.  Hear us roar.  We could generate ideas using these letters all day long.  Heck... we could turn this into an Olympic sport.  Keep the ideas coming in today's comment section.

But first some announcements;
  • Tonight the Beeny family used our ice cream maker to test Cassie P's winning ice cream recipe (and I might add, the one for which I placed my vote).  Chocolate ice cream, brownie chunks, chocolate chips, and coconut.  It was a huge hit... even with Ricky who requires caramel in any ice cream he eats and who was skeptical of the coconut.
  • As you know the book club (Reading RAYbow) is up and running.  We are reading the book, The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch.  According to Coordinators, Melanie and Julie, the discussion of the first section will occur later this week.  Be on the look out for updates and announcements from Reading Ray himself. 
  • Christmas Service Project Coordinators (Sue, Brian, and Maureen) will launch the beginnings of the project this week.  They will want your input, so keep your eyes open for a message from them in the daily posts. 
  • Peanuts and Shells.  I hope you all are having as much fun as I am.  If you haven't already - and you get the chance - let us know you're out there and that you have received a treat from your Peanut.  The United States Post Office is not above losing packages and peanuts want to know that treats are actually making it.  As for me... oh yeah.  All last week my morning Starbucks was compliments of my generous Peanut.  Thank you!  You know the way straight to my heart. 
  • To be ready for Friday night's Virtual Dinner Party, stop by your local Chinese restaurant and pick up a menu.  If you're going to invite friends and family, you might want to take orders ahead of time.
Signing off until tomorrow... 

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