Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Decathlon Standings and Announcements at the end...

A moment of recognition for a fun and important fact. Today is HALF WAY through the year of posts for Highlowaha. That means for all the fun we've had, we still have that much ahead of us! Good news, I know. Now onto today's Olympic events.

Day #8


Today we pay tribute to the Javelin - the art of throwing a spear-like instrument with the intent of having it land point down... and in a particular location. Our Javelin Throw will be virtual. We too will take a pass at having our "spear" land point down and in a particular location.

Today we will test how creative and resourceful you are. Creative because you must develop a sales pitch, compelling enough to recruit a new visitor to our highlowaha community. Resourceful because the new visitor must come from a particular state in the country. It is the ONE state for which - half way through the year - we have NEVER had a single visitor.

When you're done rolling your eyes, focus on this bit of reason. We are ALL somehow connected to a group larger and more expansive than accessed in an average day. You are bound to people in other states whether it be by a professional association, a national soccer league, the National Parent Teacher Association, an organizational like Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts, a web-site, an alumni association, or a religious network.

This event, late in the decathlon, will undoubtedly build suspense... as it is the only "all or nothing" event in the series. You will earn an ideal 1 point for successfully having a resident of the state make a comment on today's post. If you are unable to have a resident of the state post a comment, 10 points (the total number of decathletes still standing) will be added to your score. IN ADDITION, you must send me an email telling me from which city in the state your resident will be posting.

How will I know? My trusty Googleanalytics program tracks daily the locations from where our highlowaha readers are coming. As residents of this state post on your behalf, I can cross reference Googleanalytics for their locations. Or, I can rely on what I know is a strong sense of ethics shared by our extraordinary readership and know you wouldn't compromise your integrity for something meant to be fun.

I'll warm your brains up this morning by letting you unscramble the letters to determine which state will be today's object of attention.


The Unsportsmen-like Trivia Question of the Day:
What was notable about the kite strings shown in the special interest story covered by Mary Carillo? Also, anybody want to take a guess at what was said to Nastia by the man presenting her with the silver medal for her bar routine? I'm dying to know.
  • Decathlon Standings: Congratulations to HEATHER, our winner of Monday's event - Name That Tune. Standings as of last night.
Cheryl: 23.4
Stacie: 25.1
Cassie: 27.3
Heather: 32.5
Brian: 37.4
Kat: 39.7
Peggy: 39.8
Julie: 40.8
Tera: 42.3
AZLori: 44.3
  • Make Your Mark: Knock, knock, who's there? No one!
  • Olympic Correspondents: Don't forget to check out Amy and Alden's daily Olympic post. If you've been following their travels, you know how much fun they are having and what a knack they have for sharing their experience with us.

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