Thursday, August 14, 2008

Decathlon Day #4: Feng Shui This!
Day #4
Feng Shui This!

Whereas yesterday we considered concepts of Yin and Yang, today we will work with Chinese principles of Feng Shui.

Based on a general overview from 
"The basic principle behind Feng Shui is to manipulate your physical environment in a way that maximizes the positive flow of the universal life force rather than the negative.  This is a done by understanding a few basic principles such as element, color, light, shape, weight, size, and direction.  Basically, light is better than dark, round is better than straight, large is better than small, and light is better than heavy."

So... today we work with the only round item I have in my home, I could assure that you would have in your home.  A toilet paper roll.
Today's decathlon event.  Use your toilet paper roll to create something functional that can be used in your home or office.  A photograph of your entry must be emailed to me ( by tonight at 10:00 p.m. (CST).

The Un-sportsmen like Trivia Question of the Day:
What Asian delicacy did Mary Carrillo try to get Bob Costas to eat during last night's Olympic coverage?

Alden and Amy: Check out the latest post made by our very own Olympic correspondents.  Just click on the link, "Amy and Alden," in the top right hand corner of my blog.  Consider leaving a comment, so she knows we're checking in.
Decathlon Standings: Based on the number of entries yesterday, it seems as though we have thirteen decathletes competing, as of today.  Decathlete standings based on yesterday's Yin and Yang event will be posted on Friday morning.  Standings after today's event will be posted on Saturday morning.
Make Your Mark: Please remember to mail me your story of a favorite teacher, along with $5.00.  We are trying to reach 100 stories by August 22.  Stories, coupled with a box of markers will be mailed to randomly selected teachers around the country.
Taste of USA: Katie recruited yet another fun participate to join us in Philly.  Kristen, we are looking forward to meeting you!  Jayme, did we know you lived in the Pittsburgh area?  Does that mean we can expect to see you on Saturday, September 6?  Beekayroot... you too!

Signing off until tomorrow...

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