Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Big Reveal

Good morning everyone.  Late, late, late today... I know.  My crazy Bunco friends and I met last night for our monthly game and I went to sleep later than normal.  Coupled with the fact that when I did finally get home, I had to stay up and re-live the Michael Phelps's winning moment.  Amazing!  A fun side note about Bunco... Heather joined the group last night for the first time since moving to Texas and... walked away with virtually all the winnings.  That's never been done before in our group.  So while Phelps was making his own Olympic history, Heather was busy making Bunco history. 

Today will be about four things:
  • Revealing Peanut and the Shell
  • Sharing Current Decathlon Standings and,
  • Sharing today's creative idea
  • Announcements
Let's get down to business, so we can make the most of our weekend.

Peanut and Shell:  For all 18 of you who have participated in what I would deem our first and very successful game of Peanut and the Shell, please post your best guess of which highlowaha reader has been sending you treats for the past four weeks.  I'll go first right here and right now, since I have a funny story to tell.  I guess Peggy is the creative person who has been sending me treats.  I feel certain I am correct, because Peggy accidentally revealed herself to me a couple of weeks ago.  She kept sending me treats in the mail (return address and all) and I finally contacted her to ask whether I should be giving them away on the blog.  Naturally, she was confused.  Truth of the matter... her cards are so beautiful and so distinctive, there would have been NO way I wouldn't have guessed anyway.  As for the rest of you... make your guesses.  Once a guess has been made, feel free to verify whether the Peanut or Shell is correct.  Have fun with this and maybe even get creative about how you "reveal."

Decathlon Standings:  Proof that you can move up from behind.  Congratulations, Peggy for winning the Feng Shui Challenge!  Your winning patch is the mail. As for all overall decathlon standings.  Here you go:
Cheryl: 17.1
Stacie: 17.8
Cassie: 18.6
Jayme: 20.8
Tera: 21.3
Julie: 23.5
Kat: 23.7
Peggy: 24.8
AZLori: 25.0
BKRoot: 26.4

Sharing Today's Creative Idea:  Creativity is everywhere.  One of the women playing Bunco last night had a coaster made to look like a flip flop.  Her wine glass was slipped in the flip flop, holding the glass in place.  The straps of her flip flop were covered in fun rhinestones, but she described others as having colorful flowers, etc....  Apparently the idea was born when a couple was on a beach vacation.  The couple's cocktail napkins kept flying away, until finally one of them took off her flip flop and slipped their glass inside!  A great idea is born!  You might even take a crack at making some of these, by buying regular flip flops and rounding the back to fit a glass.

  • Welcome back Treye and Maureen.  What I love about his community is when someone leaves for a period of time, the rest of us notice.  Cassie P, ainiowa, Chaotic, and a whole slew of others have been dipping in and out over the past month.  Hopefully you're soaking up your last days of summer and not permanently gone from the highlowaha scene.
  • Make Your Mark:  I think I am going to repost the brief directions for Make your Mark, making it extra easy for you to (1) find, and (2) print off for distribution to friends, family, etc....  As busy as we are, I know you don't want to miss this opportunity to thank an educator who made an impact on your life.  Be motivated by knowing how much you would love to receive one yourself.  I actually did receive one, apropos of this activity, and it felt GREAT.  We are doing a good thing here.

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