Monday, August 18, 2008

Name That Tune

Decathlon standings and other announcements at the end... except this one...


What an exciting weekend of Olympic activity!  My family and I went to a dinner party on Saturday night, but we were home and perfectly positioned in front of our t.v. by 9:55 when Phelps made history by winning his eighth gold medal of the games.

We had a big week on Highlowaha last week, launching our very own Olympics chock full of challenge and creativity.  We kicked the week off testing wit, by having readers complete a caption-less cartoon.  Tuesday we introduced the ChampionCHIP bake-off (to be judged THIS Thursday).  Wednesday you worked with Yin and Yang to invent a craft project; Thursday we tested principles of Feng Shui by creating something from a toilet paper roll; and Friday our ability to get creative with letters was tested as you readers competed in an Olympic game of Boggle.  Things will heat up this week as we try to find out exactly how creative, resourceful, and tenacious our readers really are.  Hopefully all of you - especially our Highlowaha decathletes - are rested up and ready to compete in another fun-filled week.
Day #6
Name That Tune

Today we will test your creativity with music and lyrics.  I'm in the market for a Highlowaha jingle and I believe you can help.

Using the tune from the Beach Boys song, Kokomo, write a jingle about Highlowaha.  Submissions should be posted by 10:00 p.m.  Below is a music video of the song.

Un-sportsmen Like  Trivia Question of the Day:
In an unusual turn of events a female gymnast scored "0"  in an event last night.  Which event and why?

  • Decathlon Standings:  Once again, proof that it's anyone's game.  After Thursday's event Heather was in last place, but after placing FIRST PLACE in Boggle, Heather is now in 5th place.  Congratulations Heather.  Special thanks to Cassie P.  and Ashlee for competing in Friday's event, even though you are no longer competing as decathletes. 
Stacie: 19.8
Cheryl: 21.1
Cassie: 23.6
Brian: 29.4
Heather: 30.5
Jayme: 31.8
Tera: 32.3
Julie: 34.5
Kat: 34.7
Peggy: 35.8
AZLori: 36.0
  • Taste of USA Trip to Philly:  So far our participant list consists of: Claudia, Cheryl, Amy, Katie and her two new fun friends from James Madison, Tera, Treye, Julie, and Heidi.  I'm feeling hopeful about Jayme who has convinced her husband to visit family in Philly that weekend - and Maureen who will either bring her daughters AND/OR Layne (another fun reader!).  This is shaping up to be a big crowd.  My task for today is to determine a reasonable hotel close to Temple University where we will hold our fun day of activity.  What we do know is things will get underway at 10:30 and wrap up around 4:00.  That... and, of course, that it will be a FUN, FUN day!
  • Make Your Mark: NO MAIL for me this weekend!  Our goal is to have all letters in hand by this Friday, August 22.  Later this afternoon I will mail 70 postcards to people I know soliciting their inspiring letter.  Who can you ask for a letter?  Remember... collect 5 letters from people you know (along with $5.00 per letter) and earn a patch for your highlowaha jeans!  Want to pass the instructions along to someone?  Check out the post from August 5 (Now I've Gone and Done It).

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