Friday, August 22, 2008

Decathlon Day #10: Record Time

The ChampionCHIP Bake-off had me up later than normal.  The lack of sleep is my excuse for any and all typos you find today.  

You will be happy to know the treats were a hit  and judges left feeling sufficiently guilty about all the calories they consumed.  Ballots are in and votes have been tallied.  The results from Bullseye and the ChampionCHIP Bake-off have been calculated and are posted below.  Points from Haiku You and today's event will be tallied and then factored into the decathletes final scores.  The winner of the gold, silver, and bronze medals will be announced tomorrow.

 Congratulations in advance to all the decathletes who were able to stick it out and make it to the final day.  I realize, in retrospect, what a big commitment this has been on your part.  I thank everyone for indulging me and participating - whether it be as a decathlete or a spectator.  Brian, a special note to you.  Your cookies did not arrive in the mail yesterday, so you did not have an entry for the ChampionCHIP Bake-off.  I am keeping on the decathlete roster, hoping your cookies show up today.  If so, I will keep you in the decathlon, but I will have to assign you nine points (total number of decathletes still standing).  

Announcements and Decathlon Standings at the end.  

Now onto today's big event.
Day # 10
1500 Meters, Record Time

Today's event is about stamina.  Just like the decathletes who, after competing vigorously in 9 other events, must dig deep to compete in a 1500 meter run - so too must you dig deep.

Today is not so much about running 1500 meters in record time.  No.  This day is about re-cording time (long e, not short).  Fifteen times during the course of this day, decathletes must arrange to make a post in the comment section of Highlowaha.  Details below.

Each decathlete begins with 15 points (think of them as hurdles).  Your goal is to "clear" as many hurdles as possible.  Each time you "clear" a hurdle you LOSE a point.  Clear all fifteen hurdles and end the day with zero points added to your final score.  

Now the big question?  How do you "clear" a hurdle?  Decathletes clear a hurdle by making a post in the comment section of today's blog, between the hour and the fifteen minute mark.  Here's what this will look like.  Sally Jane (a good neutral name) might make her first post at 7:10 (remember, posts must be within the first 15 minutes of the hour - in this case the 7:00 hour).  Sally Jane might make a second post at 8:07; then 9:12; 10:04; 11: 13; 12:00; 1:02; and on and on until she has made her fifteenth post.

What should your post say?  Your post should indicate where you are and what you are doing at that moment.  This way, we get to learn more about how many of you spend your days.

Hopefully that is clear.  One post per hour, between the hour and the fifteen minute mark, for 15 hours.  Hurdles can be cleared between 7:00 a.m. and midnight YOUR local time (this will level the playing field for AZLori who's on the west coast)!

Good luck and see you on the other side.

Unsportsmen-Like Trivia Question of the Day:
Olympic athlete, Rogers, spent five figures and one and a half years building what in his backyard?
Bullseye: Julie did, in fact, find a Montanan to post during yesterday's challenge.  Alice S., her native Montanan, is not computer savvy enough to know how to make a post on a blog, but she did send an email.  As someone who understands computer illiteracy FIRST HAND, I have decided to count Alice's submission. 
Helping Hand:  Votes are in and we are just waiting to hear from our fearless leaders about (1) the outcome and (2) next steps.
Reading Raynbows: Don't forget to check in with today's Book Club discussion, based on Pausch's book, The Last Lecture.

Decathlon Standings After Bullseye Event:
Cheryl: 27.2
Cassie: 33.1
Heather: 41.3
Peggy: 43.1
Tera: 47.3
Kat: 47.5
Julie: 49.6
AZLori: 51.1
Brian: 52.9

Decathlon Standings After ChampionCHIP Bake-off
Congratulations to our winner, CASSIE (with her yummy chocolate eclairs)
Cheryl: 32.9
Cassie: 35.4
Heather: 47.6
Peggy: 48.9
Kat: 50.5
Tera: 51.6
Julie: 55.1
AZLori: 55.9
Brian: I will keep you on the roster, assuming your cookies will arrive today.  

Signing off until tomorrow... 

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