Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rock Around the Clock

Avid fans of the Fancy Flours Cookie Cutter Challenge are tuning in today, because they know this month's cookie reveal must happen either today or tomorrow.

Today, it is.

Newcomers. Each month I identify a holiday worth celebrating and you scour the Fancy Flours website looking for the cookie cutter you think will be hardest for me to incorporate. My job is to marry the two. Last month we combined Bucknell's college orientation with an ear of corn. The month before we celebrated National Ice Cream Month using a 3D airplane cookie cutter.

My challenge this month was to combine a guitar with National Good Neighbor Day (Sunday, September 27). I selected National Good Neighbor Day to compensate for being a bad neighbor. We've lived in our house for almost two years and still there are people living on our 10-house street who I do not know.

Stop the madness, I know.

This month's idea came while traveling home from Taste of USA. Heather, Cheryl, and I broke up our 11-hour flight delay by leaving the airport long enough to enjoy dinner at Louisville's Hard Rock Cafe. When we walked in the door, I was greeted with guitars and, since guitars were on the brain, I made an immediate connection.
Then it hit me. Instead of Hard Rock Cafe, my husband and I would transform our home into the Hard Block Cafe. Richard has a Starbuck's-sized espresso machine - perfect for a Sunday evening dessert reception. Add in a some pie, some lemon bars, a few cupbrowookies and we're ready to go.

While invitations were delivered on National Good Neighbor Day, the event is being held this Sunday. We're building on Hard Rock's fun by putting names of famous singers on each guest's back. Roam the dessert reception, using "yes" and "no" questions to figure our which musical icon you are.

Give us the Top 40. Tell us another event for which you could use the cookie cutter, accompanied by your best shot at a slogan. If your slogan goes platinum you'll win your very own guitar.

Signing off until tomorrow... when we select October's cookie cutter.


Robin said...

My 16 would love guitar cookies for just about anything. LOL Could I make guitar eggs? Anniversary/birthday: "Strummin' through the years..."

Katie K said...

I love the guitars!

"You've been pulling at my heart strings...won't you be my Valentine?"

Peggy said...

Your my Guitar Hero! Thanks for being there when I needed you!!!

Cheryl said...

I was going to say something about strum, too...

I'm singing the blues. I miss you.

Cheryl said...

don't mind me. Hi.

heather said...

The cookies turned out cute! I wish I lived on your block!

Rockin' your way into your 30s, 40s, 50s for someone celebrating a birthday

Cheryl said...

Oh! And they were delicious.

They got a thumbs up from the O'Pry clan last night. :)

Anonymous said...

To send with your resume or after an interview, "PICK ME and I will help you harmonize!"

For a friend, going through a stressful time, "Don't FRET, you can do it!"

As recognition for a job well done, "Your project really struck a CHORD with me."

-Sporadic Spy

Melanie said...

"Heard you've been feeling a little out of tune. Get Well Soon!"

Jessie Freeman said...

Oh my goodness, what great slogans!! The guitar cookies are great, it makes me really want some sweets...
How about sending them as a thank you for attending an annual event: "We had a jammin' time, come again next year!".

Holly said...

how about:

just string me along (to celebrate national flossing day on November 27)

Dont forget to TUNE out (to celebrate national turn off the tv week)

You have been INSTRUMENTAL to me (to celebrate thank your mentor day)

Going green ROCKS (celebrate earth day and you could decorate the guitars in green)

Celebrate the BLUES (july 14th is national mac n cheese day) (remember the kraft mac n cheese commercial)