Monday, September 14, 2009

Power of Shine

We arrived at the airport at 1:30 p.m. ready to depart Louisville.

We arrived in Dallas at 12:30 a.m.

I crawled into bed at 1:40 a.m.

Other than that, Taste of USA was a success. If you were not able to attend, have no fear, we will be using part of this week to recap highlights. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will share favorite craft ideas from Taste of USA. Friday we will take time-out to reflect on highs, lows, and ahas for the month, and on Saturday Heather will present a short video recapping highlights from the day. It’s a week you won’t want to miss.Saturday’s Taste of USA festivities were capped off with an official ribbon cutting for our Shine Rayvolution (click here to find out more). We unveiled shirts designed by you months ago and encouraged participants to purchase a shirt for someone who they think shines. Don’t worry, we saved shirts for you and hope you too will consider presenting a shirt to someone who you think shines. You’ll never find a better gift for $10.00. Get yours by posting in the comment section or sending an note to our email at

Heather, Cheryl, and I had to put our money where our mouth is… or at least live the Shine shirts we were wearing. Our flight was to be delayed by more than ten hours. Rather than mope about travel plans gone awry, we shined. The three of us embarked on a game of Purse Scavenger Hunt. I shouted out an item and they searched their purses to see who could retrieve it first. Point to whoever was successful.

The three of us radiated fun and before long all eight rows of stranded passengers, and even some from Gate A11, joined us in a louder and rowdier version. Give me a: Band-Aid, reward card from a supermarket, breath mints, a blue pen, a rubber band, a receipt from Target, a driver’s license from a state other than Texas, aspirin, and the list of items went on. Zilpha won (a handmade card from our very own Peggy), but we all had fun.

Then we held an anniversary party. Peggy (a different one) and Chris were stuck in the airport, instead of celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas as planned. Quick, and in true Highlowaha fashion, Heather, Cheryl, and I rallied the troops of Gate A14, rummaging and scrounging until we found the makings of an anniversary party.

Cheryl busted out with a homemade box and filled it with chocolate kisses (compliments of Robin) and I tied it with left over ribbon. Heather took a portrait of the couple on her iPhone and emailed it to Peggy to commemorate their special day. Tammy donated an extra bag of personalized m&ms from her anniversary. The green ones said, “Eat the green ones” and the pink ones said, “I want you now.” Wendy donated a piece of Fruit Leather (treats for health conscious people), which was perfect since the 29th anniversary gift is… new furniture. We even tried to get the teenaged girl with dyed jet-black hair, an oversized camouflage hoodie, and a guitar to serenade Peggy and Tammy. She said no.

There was more. We made friends with Shawn and his new-found friend Kenny we cheered on Jordan who took up residence in an empty wheel chair and aptly moved from one place to another, and we made friends with Joe and Susie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

But what really happened yesterday in terminal A was a reminder of the power of shining. For all intent and purposes a horrific day of travel. But armed with Shine shirts and the right attitude Heather, Cheryl, and I were able to build a community. Yesterday we shined and because of it many peoples’ days were made brighter.

How will you shine today and whose day will you make?


Robin said...

I am so sorry you guys were stuck and after getting Heather's note too late to help felt awful that I hadn't come to bring you dinner, rescue you or sit with you. I certainly see you had way more fun than I did yesterday. LOL

Thanks again for a great weekend - it shined!

Cristine said...

Struble Suds made up for your being stuck in the airport.
So far, we've raised $307.25 for the Gift of 218. I'll try to get some pictures and info to you. Right now I'm getting boys ready for school and trying to get my house back in order.

Kat said...

Looks like you really brightened the day of lots of people. I can't wait to hear how the rest of Taste of the USA went!

Chaotic said...

awesome...was a really uplifting post after a very gruesome weekend. Off to see about getting an appt w/Karen's doc for today, if at ALL possible.

Katie K said...

I am so proud to call you all my friends! You really shined yesterday and made the day of your airport companions! Getting a text message from Cheryl telling me you all were playing purse scavenger hunt and throwing a 29th anniversary party threw me for a loop, but after seeing the post today- I'm just smiling from ear to ear. Thank you for shining! What a way to start a Monday!

You have motivated me to take some time to think about how I'm going to shine extra bright today.... I think I'll think it over in the shower!

Claudia said...

Yesterday was a reminder that our gathering here daily to be in community and to simply give one another a lift is not unimportant.

However big or small the delivery, our message to Shine is an important one.

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it. Peggy and Robin, it was SO nice to put a name with you faces after all this time.

Cristine! You are amazing! While we were at Taste of USA having fun, you were back in Illinois making $300+ for Gift of 218! AMAZING, the commitment of our readers. AMAZING!

Peggy said...

OM Gosh guys.... here I thought I had it bad when I was driving home through downtown Chicago traffic... at least y'all could talk to the people around you.... I would only see my neighbor for about 3 seconds here and there as we scooted by each other!!!!

Thank you all for a great weekend!!! I have a renewed freshness about me and have a lot to think about!!!

For those interested in gathering at the corner of where my streets of community and creativity meet... Claudia was interested in what my street looked like.... beautiful day today... so I took a few pictures.

check my blog at

It was great to me you all... and I look so forward to seeing what great things we all can do!!! Thank you!!!

Cheryl said...

I had so much fun at Taste of USA!Meeting Peggy, Cassie, Robin, Laura, Stacie, Emily, and Ashley; getting to see Katie, Tera and Treye again. (I just know I'm leaving someone out) IT WAS FUN!

But, ya'll! I wish you could all have been at Gate A14 with us because it was a serious high point of my trip. I can't put words to it but it's a day I won't forget. It was a day that we CHOSE to be happy. :)

Thanks to everyone who made the trip to Louisville.

Struble Suds: YOU GUYS ROCK!!! And, congrats on your Packer win!

lindsaymarie said...

this is one of my favorite posts ever, reading about your airport shining is definitely making me smile!

Heather said...

It is true...I told the ladies last night as we waited with Rupert (the guy bringing them their car) for our luggage to arrive that I felt sad we hadn't said goodbye to all of our Flight 1009 Friends...weird but I think we all really were friends by the end. As many cards as we gave out I hope someone wanders in today to visit...Peggy? Tammy? Zilpha? Joe? Wendy? Jordan? Shawn? Shawn's sister?

Cheryl said...

Ha Ha Heather... It was late. Rupert was actually Ruben. Thanks for staying late with us Ruben!! Airport Valet ROCKS!

And they did not pay me to say that but if they want to pay me to say it I'll take the money because it's TRUE!

Lauren said...

Robin - Doesn't Plehn's have the BEST eclairs! I love that they have those little mini ones too. Mmmmm, now I am thinking about pastries.

Sounds like you all had a blast this weekend! Can't wait to hear about it.

Not excited about the packers win last night :(

Heather said...

Hey ya'll don't forget that this weekend was the first of SuperBowl Snack Throwdown and Jen has posted a great review with her choice for winning entry (she weighs in at 25% of the total score!).

Jessie Freeman said...

What an awesome post! You guys are awesome, I wish you were with me every time my flights are delayed! Sorry for my absence last week, things are nuts playing auntie, but I have a new niece Marguerite Adele, Maggie for short. So, I'm sorry to have missed out. Taste of the USA looked to be a success - yay!!
I hope to shine as much as you all did yesterday.