Friday, September 25, 2009

Free For All Friday: Best Seller

Once upon a time..

there were four women... but tonight only three, bringing you another best-selling day of Highlowaha fun.

Prelude: Vote here
Chapter 1, Target Challenge
Chapter 2, Altoid Table Winner
Chapter 3, Super Bowl Snack Throw Down: Kate v. Lauren plus vote for next week's ingredient
Chapter 4, Shine Shirt Winner
Chapter 5, The cliffhanger... What is today's Free For All topic?
Glossary: Click here for Kate's Cheddar Cheese Recipe and here for Lauren's Cheddar Cheese Recipe

The end.


Robin said...

You all would laugh at how my kids get up to "watch the show" on Fridays - that would be the HLA video. LOL

I think we're pretty good at recreating Sophie's room in Super, Completely and Totally the Messiest. I'd love to do something from the Skippyjon Jones series...Maybe a "goody bag" of paper mache balloons as a pinata filled with (jelly) beans of all sizes?

cristine said...

The boys like hearing the music at the end of your video. It's part of Dance Friday in our house.
One of our favorite kids books is Go Pack Go - we do a good job of tailgating like in the book and our kids can scream Go Pack Go!
Have a great weekend everyone and keep your fingers crossed for no rain in Naperville tomorrow. It's Mattoberfest (Matthew's b-day party) and I've got about 80 people coming and I don't want all of them in my house.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

At work today and not able to watch the video at my desk at the moment so I'll have to catch up with that later.

I love Skippyjon Jones!

Heather said...

Cheryl glad you are feeling better!
At least good enough to go to work.

Kat said...

Ok, so I have been super duper busy this week and haven't been checking in here like I usually do. So I was going to skip today and just catch up later. Then I thought "What if I win something from the Altoid table? I should at least watch the video!" And I won! I sort of feel telepathic or something...

Feel better, Cheryl!

Peggy said...

Our book was Goodnight Moon.

Now a days it is Harry Potter and Twilight series.

BeeKayRoot said...

Haha... I'm glad you appreciated my idea yesterday. I, too, was a big fan of the edible fork idea. Good choice!

Cheryl said...

Finally got to watch the video.

I guess I had all the regular fairy tale books as a kid but none of them really stick out in my mind. For some reason Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret sticks out in my mind. If I was to choose a book to recreate something with I think I would choose a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

cassie p said...

haha, you guys were totally correct, i did need sleep. so much so, i overslept today...oops! not good when i HAVE to be at work on time...but its ok, its only the first says i need a second alarm clock! hehe