Friday, September 18, 2009

Psst... It's That Time

Here to vote for the Super Bowl Snack Throw Down? Hold tight. First we want to help you win a free t-shirt.

On the 18th of each month our blog community participates in a short and simple ritual. Whether you stumbled on our site or you are here to vote in today's Super Bowl Snack activities, jump right in. You're in Rome and you know what they say...

Do as the Roman's do.

It's easy. Thinking back over the past month, tell us your "high" (best thing that happened to you), "low" (worst thing that happened to you), and your "aha" (something you learned - fun fact, something about self, etc...). Post yours in today's comment section and your name is automatically entered in a drawing for the Ray Wattson shirt of your choice.

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I'll get us warmed up...

High: Meeting Peggy and Robin at Taste of USA, while catching up with old friends; a successful Struble Suds Dine By Design, raising $300+); an adult-only trip to Montreal with my husband; finally launching our Shine t-shirt campaign (1,000,000 shirts by 2013); and sunny days.

Low: Rainy days; not selling more Shine shirts at Taste of USA; a two-year who resists going to bed; red tape; and missing my parents.

Aha: Lively chatter, using fancy language is one way to increase your child's verbal skills, according to an article in the New York Times; there is SO much to know about cyberspace (I don't even know what I don't know); Leonardo Davinci had notebooks of filled with his ideas and he wrote backwards to avoid smearing his print.

A couple of clicks before heading into the comment section and you will be on your way.

Last week kicked off Highlowaha's Second Annual Super Bowl Throw Down. Sausage was the secret ingredient Lauren and Kate were challenged to use. You, the readers (50%); our celebrity judge (25%); and bar flies from Struble Suds, in Naperville, IL (25%), all voted. And, the winner from last week is...

Lauren AND Kate
A perfect tie

This week, the secret ingredient with which these women worked was mushroom. Check out their recipes at Goodies by Kate and Lauren's Kitchen, then place your vote in the first poll in the right hand side bar.

Finally, help us determine week four's secret ingredient by casting your vote in the second poll in the right hand side bar... Avocado or potato?

No shortage of something to say today, that's for sure:
  1. High, low, aha
  2. This week's winning recipe,
  3. and week four's secret ingredient
Signing off until tomorrow (when you get a fun, fun recap of last week's Taste of USA)...


Katie K said...

High- Meeting Peggy and Robin at TOU and seeing lots of old friends; a successful start to a new school year; and my new GPS, Jess.

Low- Between injury and being sick, training for the 3-Day walk is not going well, and multiple family members being diagnosed with serious illness.

Aha- Getting a GPS does not mean I have to give up my love for maps. I remember more from my undergraduate statistics class than I give myself credit for- maybe it wasn't such a huge waste of time after all!

Chaotic said...

HIGH we got rain!!!
LOW Karen's back injury-still in hospital
AHA friends are lifesavers... it is okay to ask for help when you need it

Cheryl said...

Next ingredient: Potato

Highs: I purchased a new car, Taste of USA was fun- so good to finally meet so many fun peeps, being stuck in the airport was a lot of fun!

Lows: Feeling helpless when my kids are sick- JB's down again today, experiencing some kind of starnge pain in my leg so I can't workout, being really tired after being stuck in the airport.

Aha: Being at peace with the fact that I don't have to save the world- I just have to be me.

Peggy said...

High - going on a blind date with fantastically awesome gals from HLA..... met online, talked and emailed for more than a year, planned to meet and was picked up on the side of some hotel in Louisville and whisked away to great conversation (all about ME), adventures, community and creativity.

Low: Noting frustration, tiredness and at times helplessness for my kids in their first month of school. They're growing up, and along with new responsibilities, they are learning at times how difficult it is to juggle many balls in the air... a few balls and pucks have hit the ground!

Aha: Can't get enough of learning a new thing or two....ever heard of Shower SHINE (an SC Johnson product, dh used to work for them)I'm seeing SHINE everywhere! Learning new recipes from Kate and Lauren.

Happpy Day, y'all

Claudia said...

Friends of Kate and Lauren, where are you? We want to learn of your highs, lows, and ahas too!

Join the fun

Lauren said...

High - Going to the Chicago Botanical Gardens with Omar over Labor Day Weekend. Volunteering at Upwardly Global and meeting my mentee. Getting a call for a phone interview.

Low - Continued infections in my eye. Not liking my job.

Aha - The point when your hopes can't get any lower about something is when something will happen to bring them back up again and encourage you to keep on trying; When you don't have the opportunity to do something you love for a living, do it as a volunteer gig.

Next food - Avocado!!

cristine said...

High- Raised $307.25 for the Gift of 218, had a huge tailgate party, both boys had a full week of school, Packers WON
Low- never enough time to get anything done,
Aha - yes, I can do yoga and pilates... and not feel sore the next day.
Have a happy weekend everyone!

Danko Family said...

Hey everyone

HIGH - Being asked to make cakes and other goodies for friends. I really enjoy expressing myself through cake decorating and good food!

LOW - The twins have become very challenging. They never hit the terrible twos, but the "super crazy challenging" 2 1/2's are upon me. Maybe next month, my HIGH could be figuring out how to balance being a good mom, patient mom, and super mom!

AHA - Being a mom is a blessing, but being a good mom is challenging yet rewarding.

BeeKayRoot said...

My vote goes to the Potato... I don't cook with avocado ever, so I'd rather see the potato used creatively.


HIGH - Serving as Best Man at my friend Jason's wedding last weekend. I had an amazing time... probably had the most fun I've had in quite some time.

LOW - Leaving behind so many friends in Pennsylvania. (Although the new job is pretty sweet.)

AHA - Realizing that I was so loved and appreciated back in Greensburg, PA. Sometimes you don't know how much you're appreciated until you move on. Let this be a lesson -- tell people how awesome they are and how much you appreciate them all the time!!!

Claudia said...

Here, here, Brian. What a nice lesson to learn... and in plenty of time to do something about it!

Let it be known... we appreciate your participation in our community.

Robin said...

High: TOU was definitely the high. Not only did I get to meet a lot of great people, but I learned really cool things to make!

Low: Struggling with my biostats course. Feeling like even though I'm managing with MUCH work to struggle through the homework, I don't remember what I did last week and I'm not sure I could reproduce it for a midterm in 2 weeks, let alone a final in 8. Not being ready to go speak at a conference in a week and a half where I'm teaching for 2.5 days. Procrastination is not my friend.

Aha: Polka dots on your car make OTHER people smile too.

heather said...

I know I'm a day late but I was in the airport all day yesterday...

High: Taste of USA...Lily is "I think" totally potty trained.

Low: I never feel like I can catch up much less get ahead.

Aha: Live and let live.