Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Green

T.G.I.F. and we are on our way to Highlowaha's Second Annual Taste of USA! To find out more about today's Green Hat Thinking (Part V of a VI Part Series), check out the 7 minute video below.

We will also explain why the tag line below is the only one still showing, as well as...
  1. Tell you why to set your alarm for Saturday at 2:18 p.m. EST
  2. Select this week's Altoid Table winner
  3. Announce secret ingredients for the upcoming Super Bowl Snack Throw Down, and...
  4. Remind you to vote for Kate or Lauren's Super Bowl Snack for this week's game

Don't forget to check out the blogs of our SuperBowl competitors:

Kate @
Lauren @

Vote in the sidebar until 8pm CST on Sunday!

Signing off until tomorrow...


Chaotic said...

Cheddar Cheese!!!!!!!

Cristine said...

Our Skype name is Strublesuds - shocking isn't it. I'll have it up from 1-3 CST (then we'll be outside - kids and laptop not a good idea) and we'll be back in around 7 CST. I'm not always the best at Skype so if you can't reach us there feel free to call Matt at 630-CLD-BEER. Yes, that's a real number. It should be a fun time and hopefully we'll raise lots of money too!
The boys and I vote for cheddar cheese!!! As any good little Packer fans should answer.
Have fun this weekend - ps the boys liked the music this week. They picked up their guitars to jam - off to Matthew's first day back at preschool.

Kat said...

I think I will vote for egg, just to see what they come up with!

Cheese and Sausage Struble said...

Links to the food blogs don't work.

$ goal this weekend is $300 minimum. Vote for CHEESE...I mean like knew that was coming from me.


Chaotic said...

I vote for the little sausage pizzas
lesse... green hat for combining "WC&CM", "W2TN" & WSUAS". Hmmm...
In no particular order(brain gets random polaroids)a street sign pole with a sign each for Creativity & Community, I see Ray leaning against that pole, welcoming us to the neighborhood, and I see him wearing a Mr Roger's sweater vest (remember the old show? He'd sing. LOL).

Peggy said...

Can't be from Wisconsin and not vote for the cheddar!!!!

when going to the blogspots you need http not www

Green hat thinking.... is kind of out the window with my and my 6 hour road trip ahead of me! I'll talk to y'all on the other side!!!

Cheryl said...

Packing, packing, packing! It's not all going to fit damn it!

Have a fun first day at preschool Matthew S!

Drive Safely Peggy! See you tonight! We'll call you.

Tough choices Kate & Lauren!!! Great job.

Have to run... have a great day everyone! See some of you tomorrow!!! YAY FOR TASTE OF USA!!

Robin said...

Safe travels for those traveling.

Claudia said...

Wow! Both recipes look GREAT! I could see myself serving AND EATING both! I am so excited for this partnership, as I feel like we are going to get some great ideas.

If any of you readers out there make one of the recipes, let us know and tell us how the process went for you. I might have taken one of these on this weekend, but we will be in Louisville. NEXT weekend.

As for egg v. Cheddar Cheese. I'm going egg.

As for neighborhood and six hat thinking?

Neighborhoods: people on stoops, paper boy, corner market, front doors, and mailboxes to name a few...

Cheryl said...

I forgot to vote.


Robin said...


Lauren said...

I won again!!?? How fun :) Thanks HLA! Heather I gave you my address on FB...a tad late, but here it is again: 444 N Michigan Ave Suite 1910, Chicago, IL 60611. That's my work and the best place to receive packages.

As for egg v cheese, I am totally going with cheese. I can't watch a football game without cheese something.

Green hat - I like the street sign idea with community being one name and creativity the other. I see that on the neighborhood image there are sub heading like "cafe" and "town hall." Perhaps when you go to each of these links you can have your other sayings. For example if you click on "cafe" you will be taken to a page where the sub heading is "we saved you a seat." Does that make sense? It could get confusing, using so many tag lines. I missed the caution hat, so that would be a caution. When it comes to websites, I am always a fan of less is more b/c it is easier to navigate. I'll think about it more over the weekend and see if any other creative ideas come to mind.

Everyone traveling to Louisville, have fun and save travels! I am jealous. I miss my hometown. You all should stop in Plehn's Bakery if you get a chance. Early morning is best.

Robin said...

Lauren, I had a Phlen's eclair this am!

cassie p said...

i vote for laurens sausage balls

i vote for CHEESE (of course, its only my fave food!)

and i will see some of you guys in less than 12 hours!!!