Friday, September 4, 2009

When the cat's away...

The ladies will play!!!

It's was just Cheryl and I (Heather) for our Free For All Friday filming and you'll see we had a little fun!

The quick rundown is:

Six silly hats
Recap of the week
Cookie slogan winner
Altoid table winner
Taste of USA reminder
Shrimp vs. Mushroom
Free for All is a total free for all!

Hope you guys come out of hiding today to participate!


Robin said...


Chaotic said...

ooooh!! I LOVE Gel Pens!!

ummm...shrimp OR mushrooms.... darn...I want both... ummm... I sure? ummm, yes...okay, mushrooms!

And I have not been here early because of having to leave house sooner for work :-( but wanted to see the video!

Cheryl said...

We know it's Labor Day weekend but be sure to tune in tomorrow and Monday!!!

Congrats Kat & Chaotic.

I'm going to vote for Shrimp!

What is everyone doing for Labor Day?

Cheryl said...

We leave for Taste of USA a week from today!! Can't wait to see you all!!!

Be sure to go over to for the details!!!

Katie K said...

Happy Friday, everyone!!! It looks like you two had a lot of fun with that video!

Labor Day for me will be a day of labor... the university is still open that day, so I'll be in class and working. Our first day off is Thanksgiving break!

Yay for Taste of USA in one week!!!!

Peggy said...

sh'rooms get my vote!

Oh, now I get yesterday's post....literally 6 hats.... I just got on the guitar kick thinking about my hiking cowboys and the songs s/he could write from all the experiences of being on the road!

I have too much time on my hands!

Wow, Labor Day weekend, huh? I haven't given it much thought, when you are home... every day is a holiday! Or is it... every day is a working day for a SAHM.

Happy Day y'all~

Jessie said...

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been active this week, I was in Alexandria, VA for work and I am just now getting back to normal!! I vote for shrimp this week. I wish we could taste test the food :)
I hope everyone has a good labor day! I will be hanging with friends and spending a day at the national whitewater rafting center doing some river rafting, hiking, mountain biking and flat water kayaking. Looking forward to NOT working!!
:) Happy Friday everyone!

Kat said...

Yeah! I am so happy to win! Congrats to you too, Chaotic!

Mushrooms get my vote. We eat tons of them at our house!

Labor day will most likely just be a day for being lazy and maybe doing yard work. Bah. I wish we could go somewhere.

Claudia said...

I would like to Free For All all the reasons why today's video is HALF as long as when I am there.

Do I need to leave town more frequently, or what?!

Shrimp gets my vote.

Montreal was a TERRIFIC and much-needed break. We're back now, so it is time to switch gears and get ready for Taste of USA.

cristine said...

We've been busy already this weekend- yesterday the boys first trip to Six Flags (Matthew rode the Viper a big rollercoaster), tomorrow Home Depot workshop day (they'll make a bean bag toss) and there's Last Fling too (Naperville festival) Busy people here.
Have a great holiday everyone!

Struble says no to shrimp said...

For the love of God, shrimp is not football food. Mushroom by default. I will vote for shrimp when the world is full of rainbows and marshmallows and smiles rain from the sky.

Cheryl said...

Damn, all I need is for it to rain smiles and strubles can vote for shrimp. What's wrong with bacon wrapped grilled shrimp dipped in some sauce concoction.

Claudia- you may have to rethink this moving on to the next round situation.

Danko Family said...


Sorry I haven't been contributing much lately, but life has been super crazy after my really long trip. I'm looking forward to the snack throw down!

beekayroot said...

my vote is mushrooms

beekayroot said...

I know it's really late to be posting my Free For All dilemma, but I guess I do have one and could use some help.

So, I'm in a new apartment, and I'd like to make it look good, but not feminine, if you know what I mean. If you could give me any pointers on "feng shui"-ing my apartment, what would you tell me?

Cheryl said...

Dang Brian! You are late in the day! will think on it and post in tomorrows post.

How big is your place? Do you already have your staple pieces of furniture? Plants. Artwork (not beer posters). I'll have to dig out my feng shui stuff.

beekayroot said...


I do have all the staples (i.e. furniture and some artwork for the walls).

I've been perusing places like TJ Maxx for some small items to add to the room. I just feel like i need something else.