Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ray for the Cure

Many of you may remember the post about creating a Vision board several months ago, the concept was that if you see the board everyday you are more likely to make your vision a reality. At the time Claudia shared with us how her first vision board was about Semester at Sea and asked us to brainstorm what we might put on our vision boards. I shared that day with the blog that I had a vision of walking in the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk which challenges walkers to walk 60 miles in 3 days time.

That day I created my non-creative non time consuming version of the vision board and here it is:
That's right my vision board that day was a post-it note with the simple words 3 Day Walk quickly written in pencil and stuck to my computer screen at work. Amazingly this simple tool worked wonders. Staring at the gentle reminder each day as I sat down to work made me realize I had to put my plan into action but still I procrastinated taking that important step until I shared my vision with the other women I work with at highlowaha and they all quickly rallied behind me. We established ourselves as Team Ray for the Cure and Katie and Cheryl agreed to train, raise money and walk with me while Claudia agreed to do whatever she could to make our efforts successful, even if it meant walking a training walk with me at 5am on a Saturday morning!

We were off!

Cheryl, Katie and I signed up as participants for the walk and started our fundraising efforts. Thanks to Robin I got my first donation in the significant amount of $21.80 it felt like the perfect start to making my vision a reality. And so after training walks that total over 200 miles and fundraising efforts that have us to 33% of our team goal I definitely see that this dream will quickly become reality.

On November 6, 7, and 8th Team Ray for the Cure will hit the streets of Dallas/Fort Worth spreading the spirit of Shine for 60 miles! (I'll probably even buy a few shirts to give out along the way!) We'll keep you informed as to who has blisters, where the best port-a-potties are, and what fun characters we end up meeting...I'll even take some video to share and probably post updates via Facebook and Twitter when we are at pit stops.

What can you do to help?

Think of ways you can help spread the message of Shine! Maybe for you it isn't walking 60 what is it? Share today how you might Shine and recognize others who Shine!

Don't forget we have Shine shirts with a personalized package to help make it easy for can order yours by posting sizes in the comment section.

Signing off until tomorrow...


Robin said...

I'm so proud of you for sticking with it! Thinking of you guys as you walk.

Now, how do I order and have you send t-shirts anon?

Heather said...

Robin just send us the info and the message you want attached and we will send on your behalf from anonymous

heather said...

oh and for anyone you can send an order to to order Shine shirts and you can have them sent to you OR we can send them on your behalf or anonymously...just let us know your preference and what message you want on the bag.

Cheryl said...

Your vision board cracks me up.

3 days- 20 miles a day.


I think I'll be able to do the walk. Maybe. But I'm more worried about raising $2,300.

Heather said...

Glad you like it Cheryl...I told you I'm creative! =)

Robin said...

Heather don't let Cheryl get your goat. At least your vision board isn't a post it IN your computer like mine.

Robin said...

Heather don't let Cheryl get your goat. At least your vision board isn't a post it IN your computer like mine.

Heather said...

Don't worry Robin I know it is in good fun, I put the pic in there to make people laugh...I'm proud of my worked didn't it?!?

Cheryl said...

exactly. It cracks me up and I do like it! Heather knows how I use post it notes. :)

Claudia said...

Heather's story goes to show that a vision board does not have to be fancy to work. A yellow sticky note can go plenty far when accompanied by some...


My daily commitments to HLA made me worry about whether or not I would be able to raise the requisite amount of money. While I am VERY sorry I will not be accompanying these three women, I just could not make a commitment I was unsure I could keep.

But... should one of these women be ever so unfortunately stricken with H1N1 or horrible blisters, I will gladly walk for one of them!