Saturday, September 5, 2009

In the Left Corner...

By next Saturday morning our Super Bowl Snack Throwdown will be underway as Lauren and Kate square off head to head in a sausage making challenge. With that in mind we felt today would be a good day to let our readers learn a little more about the bloggers who will be spending the next 4 months with us.

We had the privilege of interviewing both ladies over the last few weeks and I think you will all quickly see that they fit right in with our community. With all that said let's learn how they SHINE!

First up in the right corner is Lauren from New Jersey!

Lauren comes to us via her blog at where you will see her delectable dishes posted daily. While it may look like Lauren spends all her time in the kitchen we quickly learned that she is a busy woman outside of the kitchen. Lauren is a high school English teacher (and yes she knows the difference between lie and lay!) and has a seven week old and a 2 1/2 year old keeping her busy.

We love that Lauren's favorite foods are pasta and chocolate...she's certainly a woman after our own heart!

To hear more from Lauren about what she'll be bringing to the table (literally) this football season listen to our interview with her here:

Next up in the corner on your left hailing from North Carolina, Kate!

Kate joins us as the author of where you will see Kate's amazing ability to craft a cake into just about any object. Don't be fooled by all the baking though, Kate is a master chef as well and often posts her scrumptious suppers on her family blog.

Like Lauren you may think that Kate devotes all her time to cake baking and cooking but she is kept busy by her twin boys Brandon and Connor...they are both 2 1/2 and keep Kate hopping!
It was great to hear from Kate how she loves to be creative in the kitchen and tries out new recipes that meet the allergy needs of her kiddos. Kate's favorite "go to" ingredient is cinnamon--I wonder how she'll work it into her recipes this season?

To learn more about Kate and what she's cooking up for this football season listen to the interview with her here:

These ladies sure do bring a lot of creative energy and passion in the kitchen to our challenge. I can't wait to see what great dishes they cook up this football season!

We'd also like to take a minute to welcome our celebrity judge for this Snack Throwdown Season. Joining us each week to give her professional opinion of each recipe offered up by our competitors and with a score that will be added to votes from the readership and votes from Struble Suds is Jen Perez from Jen surely knows good food based upon all the fantastic food found in the posts on her blog.

Your goal this holiday weekend? Peruse the three blogs provided by these ladies and let us know what recipes you find that you can't wait to try!

For me? The Better than Sex Cake found over on Lauren's blog, the Red Velvet Cupcakes found on Jen's blog, and the "Sushi" cake found on Kate's blog. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

Signing off until Monday...


Cheryl said...

I can't wait to see what the ladies come up with the season! Should be fun.

Claudia said...

Isn't our new feature - blog radio -a fun addition?

We'll get better at it as time goes on.

I will take some time while the boys nap to scour their blogs for my favorite recipes and report back.

Claudia said...
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Katie K said...

Happy Saturday! I'm off to watch some college football at a friend's apt, but I'll check out the ladies' blogs when I get back to scour for my favorite recipes!

Claudia said...

Hello out there. I know it's a quiet Saturday, but this is crazy!

Come out, come out where ever you are.

What are you doing on this Saturday?

BeeKayRoot said...

Lauren - so I'm curious to know - you take really good and clear photos of your food, and I can't help but wonder if you've had formal training with that component?

P.S. There are a lot of recipes I can't wait to try off of your blog.

Lauren said...

BeeKay, I am for sure quite the beginner, so your compliment just made my day!!

Claudia said...

Yikes, fast before I forget...

Lauren... love the cookies in a cereal bowl!!!!!

Kate... your cupcakes and cakes are AMAZING. The Sesame Street characters are unbelievable and my husband would probably give his right arm for the Markers Mark cake.

To our fabulous celebrity judge!!!!! Wow! I got completely 100% lost in the recap of your cupcakes! I will revisit and make it my business to try each and everyone.

Highlowaha readers, it is definitely worth visiting the blogs of these women.

I've visited a handful of food blogs and these three are GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winner of the first week of competition! But I do have to comment that the poll did not close for 2 hours after the advertised time of 8pm central time. That really wasn't fair to either contestant. If you say 8pm it should be 8pm, not 10pm. The results could have been different 2 hours prior. It would be interesting to check.