Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let Down?

If Richard and I can grow a beanstalk, surely I can get Rapunzel to let down her hair. Can't I?

Parr Park is located about a mile from our street. The house pictured above sits perfectly perched atop a hill overlooking the park. So majestic is this home with its peaked roofs and full length windows, it's hard not to imagine which rich and famous person must be taking up residence there.

As far as Matthew is concerned there is no question. Rapunzel. That's who.

From the start, Matthew has been certain this remotely placed home, made of stone, surrounded by trees, and fully decked with the requisite tower, is the very tower where Rapunzel is being held captive.

After all, If a bean stalk could grow through his window overnight then why shouldn't he think it is possible Rapunzel took up residence in his hometown?

Think it's funny?

Really funny is watching Matthew stand at the base of the hill, yelling with all his might, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair, so I may climb the golden stair!"

The Rapunzel dream has been fun for me too. I've written a fairy tale entirely my own. In my fairy tale I write a letter to the residents asking... no begging... that they let me drop a 40 foot braid from their turret. That same day, Matthew and I "happen" to be walking the park when suddenly Matthew spots Rapunzel's golden stair. Imagine... the look of amazement on his face!

Wake up.

There's nothing like a little National Literacy Month to make one take action. Last Saturday was to be the day.
I climbed the 147 not-so-golden-stairs, running along side this 400 foot long driveway that, regardless of theorem, must be sitting at a 40 degree angle. Huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf, I rang the door bell. A very pleasant Asian woman answered the door and immediately I launched into my pitch...

My son.. he thinks Rapunzel lives in your... Are you familiar with story of Rapunz... well anyway, Matthew is convinced Rapunzel lives in the turret of your home. Would there be any... I mean... do you think it would be possible if I... my husband... or you, if you would prefer, could hang a long braid from the top? Not a real... I'd make it from sheets dyed yello... with a big red bow. I know it sounds craz...but do you think... What do you think?

The woman let me finish my pitch and then politely informed me the windows don't open - that there would be no way to hang the braid. No ladder, she explained, could even reach the window sill. Not even I, who considers my husband to be her knight in shinning armor and volunteers him for just about anything, could envision how he could get up on the ledge to attach Rapunzel's braid long enough to take a picture.

Let down. Big time.

This fairy tale didn't quite end happily ever after. Rapunzel will never drop her golden stair and Matthew's childhood belief that Rapunzel lives in the turret will never be affirmed.

But here's my moral of the story. Believing is powerful. Believing is the very thing that keeps life magical. I genuinely believed, that if I could make my pitch to the homeowners, I could convince them to play along. And, short of the windows not opening, I believe I was right.

Believing is what allows us to see possibility when others only see the mundane. Believing motivates us to ask more from others, while the rest of the world is busy retreating into smaller and more insulated worlds. Believing is unlimited in supply and therefore softens the blow of any single disappointment we must encounter.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. How about you? What's your moral of the story?

Signing off until tomorrow...

P.S. Loyal Highlowaha readers will be interested in knowing today is Katie's birthday!


Robin said...

Perhaps you could make a clear lasso and simply lasso the turret and adjust the braid on the lasso so that it appears to come from the window...

Or, maybe they could put a sign up that reads, Rapunzel has moved to another house.

Or perhaps you find the braid in the bushes as you walk by one day, leading to a new story of what happened to make her braid fall...

Gosh, I wish my mom was cool...

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Katie!

I often think I'm going to have to piggy back off of Claudia's creativity and ingenuity as she raises Jack so Lily gets a glimmer of magic and wonder, I mean I try but only Claudia is creative enough to come up with these things!!!

Claudia said...

As the mother of eight kids, Robin, you are MORE than cool!

Katie K said...

Your kids are darn lucky to have a mom who makes magical memories like you do!! In fact, knowing all of you- all of your kids are lucky for a million different reasons.

However, don't think I'm not trying to figure out some way, somehow that you can get that braid up there. Robin, I like the way you think!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Cheryl said...

happy birthday Katie!

How does the story go once he climbs the tower? Surely she doesn't keep all that hair.

Feeling better today but still at home. :(

Peggy said...

Happy Golden Birthday Katie!!! 23 on the 23rd!!!!!!!

Robin, love the one with the sign Rapunzel has moved!!! I chuckled out loud with that one!

Maybe Rapunzel can send some of her golden hair (rafia) in a letter to Matthew that she is out of town auditioning for American Idol, and one day, when he least expects it, she will show up and throw down her hair and allow him to get his groove on... a modern day twist to the old story.

Claudia said...

You guys are cracking me up! It makes the traditional ending to Rapunzel look so banal.

Lauren said...

Happy birthday Katie!

I can't believe the window doesn't open. It looks open in the photo. Who builds a window in a house that cannot open?

And what amazes me even more is the fact that you went up to that house and asked if you could put an imaginary braid out the window. You are brave! I wonder what that asian woman was thinking.

I like the idea of having her braid in a tree or on the ground nearby...that will surely get Matthew's creativity going!

Claudia said...

Lauren... I agree on both accounts. The window looks open from the street (it is the glare of the sun). Believe me. I was willing to call her bluff until I got up close and could see it wouldn't open.

On a similar note... why don't the windows open?!?!? A note to all builders out there... windows in house should open!

cassie p said...

im back after being gone the past 6 days on a much needed sorry i missed the fun. i like the last two stories about matthew, they made me smile!

I would like one small SHINE tshirt please. I will send the money in the mail asap.

Ill just do a quick HLA:
HIGH: taste of usa of course
LOW: working on buying a house, but dealing with hold-ups.
AHA: i need to work on my patience with my family, especially my little brothers. they are driving me bonkers; but i need to be more gracious.

if i can still vote, i vote for potato.

and i loved the video of TOU-especially the part where we were driving to lunch, and got back as no one called at 2:18pm...

cheryl, i hope you feel better!


Claudia said...

Cassie P... SO nice to have you back. We miss your energy when you're out of pocket.

Chaotic said...

he lasso idea... long thin rope on two sides of braid... pull arund house & then tie in back when you get ponytail where you want it. Launch gluey braid out of T-shirt thrower thingy aimed just below window. Or, a "Room for Rent" sign in the window of Rapunzel's lair with a forwarding address Matthew can visit and actually SEE the braid. Happy Day Katie!! Oh, I got my patch for SF. Now to iron that puppy on my denim bag with the others. Miss y'all...