Friday, January 2, 2009

Opening Drive

According to Myers-Brigg, I'm an ISTJ. Mostly that means my modus operandi is to be literal, concrete, rational, and logical. I'm also faithful, I like facts, and, I'm kind of predictable. It's January 2, 2009 and as much as I would love today's post to be about something unexpected, I can't. I can't let the new year come and go without delving into the obvious.

New Years Resolutions, it is.

Tell me if you agree. It seems, based on my observations, the world is divided into two kinds of people. Those who thrust themselves, excitedly, into the annual ritual of making new years resolutions and those who pride themselves on not getting caught up in the silly antics of the masses.

Me? I'm the former all the way! New Year's resolutions are a sport to me and I'm the Heisman winner... the gold medalist, the Master's master, Heavy Weight Champ of the World. I love New Years resolutions. To me... resolutions put the Score Board of Life at 0-0, in the first quarter, and all things are possible!

So yes, while yesterday's post was all about sharing nine things you are looking forward to in 2009, today's post is about sharing resolutions for the new year.  Sure they might be related.  It stands to reason, after all, that those things to which we most look forward are similar to those things about which we resolve to be better.  I'll share a personal example or two.

Yesterday I shared that some of what I'm looking forward to in 2009 include things such as (1) spending more time relaxing with my husband, (2) chipping away at making our house feel more settled, and (3) putting words to paper.

While my three examples might very well explain what I am looking forward to, New Years resolutions help explain how I see them manifesting.  For example...

I might look forward to  spending more time relaxing with my husband, but resolving to find at least one t.v. show a week that we can watch together - no kids - is how I hope to make that happen. I might look forward to making my house feel more settled, but working with an interior designer to help me select drapes for my windows is how I see that happening.  Finally, I might look forward to putting words to paper this year, but finding five hours each week to write is how I will assure my book has a beginning, a middle, and an end. 

If you didn't get a chance to post yesterday, jump right in today.  Tell us what you're  looking forward to in 2009 and then share how you resolve to make that happen.

This is Part I of a three-part series, Part II to be continued tomorrow.  Check back in on Saturday to find out where we're going with this.  Go ahead.  Resolve to do it! 

Don't want to get caught up in the silly antics?  Consider this.  The notion of resolutions dates back 4000 years to the Babylonians.  It seems, originally most resolutions revolved around committing to return something borrowed during the previous year (mostly farm equipment) to the person whose it was.  Tell us about something you borrowed this year and to whom you will return it.

Super Bowl Snack Throw Down
While we're loosely on the topic of Opening Drives and Heismans, we have our own Super Bowl Snack Throw Down with which to be concerned.  Here' a quick update and then some voting...  Neither Tera nor Richard submitted an entry last week.  This week, Maureen gets most valuable player for jumping through hoops to get her Battle Parmesan entry to Struble Suds in time!  She advances.

We need someone for Lori to battle against, as we are only two games away from the Super Bowl.  My proposal... draw a name of someone who submitted but lost in round one (Brian, Stacie, Julie, Katie, Treye, Heather, Nicole, or Cheryl).  Send a post letting me know if you want to participate in the January 11 Snack Throw Down (to be mailed by Wednesday,  1/7, a.m.).  I will draw from those names and announce the winner.

Today we must vote on TWO secret ingredients, since the next two battles are very close together (Melanie v. Susan on January 10 and Lori v. Wild Card Winner on January 11)
Quaker Oats or Lemon
Honey or Mint

Final note...
Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting from Leadershape, the week-long leadership institute in which I participate.  I tell you this, so you will understand if posts are more sporadic than normal.  Days are long and action-packed.  The only commodity hotter, this week, than the free time necessary to write posts are the brain cells necessary to be creative.

Signing off until tomorrow...

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