Monday, January 19, 2009

Huddle Up

East Meets West
Super Bowl Snack Throw Down
Sunday, February 1, 2009
New York Maureen v. Arizona Lori
Congratulations Maureen and Lori, who after 20 weeks, 14 competitors, 11 secret ingredients, and a small fortune in postage have earned their way to the First Annual Superbowl Snack Throw Down! You are both fierce competitors and good sportsmen (or women), sure to make this throw down memorable yet... "tasteful."

Today's business at hand...

Casting votes for the Ultimate Secret Ingredient of the season.

Newcomer and returners alike are welcome to participate.  That goes for your lurkers too.  If ever you were going to get off the bench and cast a vote, today would be the day.  

Quick background.  Highlowaha readers have been competing since September to see who reigns supreme in our Football Snack Throw Down.  Each Friday readers vote on the secret ingredient our competitors must use in cooking up their recipe.  Snacks were then mailed to Struble Suds in Naperville, Illinois, where a group of die hard Packer fans gather to judge our entries.  Together we make the perfect team.  The eleven winning ingredients were as follows:

Brown Sugar
Parmesan Cheese
Quaker Oats 

It would be no fun, nor would it be creative, to simply vote on the secret ingredient for the Super Bowl in the same, predictable way we have voted for the first set of eleven.  It's Monday - the start of another big week - and the occasion requires something more.  Instead...

East Meets West
In keeping with our competitors, one of which is from New York and other from Arizona, I thought it would be fun to do an ingredient "draft" - of sorts.  Here's how it will work.  Simply vote for the ingredient you would most like to see in the finals.  At day's end, your votes will be tallied and assigned based on... whether you live East or West of the Mississippi.  The ingredient on the East coast receiving the most votes will advance.  The ingredient on the West coast receiving the most votes will also advance.

Finally, Matt and Cristine Struble - proud owners of Struble Suds will convene over the Official Coin Toss.  Heads = East Coast (it is where the "head" of our country lives); Tails = West Coast.  The coin toss will occur at 9:00 p.m. and the winning Super Bowl ingredient will be announced right here on Tuesday morning!

The list of ingredients from which we will be voting should be somewhat familiar.  They are the losing ingredients from each of the previous 11 weeks.

Candy Corn
Cayenne Pepper

Ready to get going?  Again, the rules are simple.  Cast your vote for the ingredient you would most like to see at this year's Super Bowl Throw Down.  Tell us in which state you live and we'll do the rest.  Tune in tomorrow to find out which ingredient won.

I'll start...

West of the Mississippi...  Coconut!

Signing off until tomorrow...

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