Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hi, everyone!

I will be quick today and if it is ok, I will use this day to regroup.  Our family has a few family obligations today (a swim meet to attend, hair cuts for the boys, and plans tonight) and I have a short list of things I need to do myself (unpack, laundry, planning, etc...).

To be honest, I don't even have a topic assigned to this date.  

The night before I left McAllen, three of the Leadershape coordinators invited me to join them in watching a "chick flick."  It was a completely impractical thing to do.  I had good-bye notes to write to participants, curriculum to learn for the next day, and bags to pack in preparation of the next day's departure.  And, it was already 11:45 p.m.!

I watched it anyway.  I live in a house filled with boys and, as my oldest would say, I'm "boy trapped."  This was a chance to do something I rarely get to do - hang out with a bunch of women, laugh at funny scenes, cry at sad scenes, and "ooh" and "aaww" over the romance of it all.  In the end, the night was nothing short of food for the soul.  A perfect way to cap off an already wonderful week.  

We watched the movie, "The Holiday."  The premise of the movie, for those who haven't seen it, is two women impulsively deciding to trade homes for the holidays, in an effort to get over relationships that recently ended.  One lives in England and the other lives in Los Angeles.  As all great romantic comedies would have it, the ending is 100% predictable and each of the women discovers their soul mate while living 6,000 miles from home.

Since I'm still thinking about how much fun I had watching the movie and since I have nothing else in the queue, how about we make the movie, "The Holiday," the inspiration of today's post? This could go in a few directions.
  • If you were to trade homes with someone for two weeks, where would you want them to live?
  • Or, tell us about something impulsive you've done that ended positively.
  • Or, how about just sharing the titles of some of your all-time-favorite "chick flicks."
And while we're busy getting nostalgic and sappy, know that Struble Suds is gearing up for a weekend of tasting and re-tasting all four wonderful submissions for this week's Super Bowl Snack Throw Down(s).  May the best snacks win!  Tune in on Monday to find out who won!    

See you on Monday, when we kick-off a whole new week of creativity and community.  Signing off until then...

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